Joseph Lawrence – ‘BeGod’ — When The Horn Blows


This week, Joseph Lawrence released his new track “BeGod,” an incredibly powerful record that is guaranteed to wow all kinds of listeners.

The religious imagery in the lyrics is supported by the ingenious sonic narration of the tune. This type of bending melody starts out as an unforgettable hymn with smooth, deep and deft lead vocals overlaid by a choral backing. The piece then builds its ghostly atmosphere down to the highly dynamic chorus where Joseph showcases his graceful vocals that come with great power and control. Their vocals are amazing, period.

The energy and sheer power of this piece must be recognized, it is always in motion, it is interesting, and it is full of lyrical genius. “What if I were God?” over and over again helplessly in the chorus. In Joseph Lawrence’s own words, this piece “asks the question of how far my belief in myself will take me, and wonders what will happen if I go too far.”

The piece was released alongside a live performance video that highlights Lawrence’s complex stage art and, again, the tremendous power of his vocals. The intense performance, centered on the stage and illuminated by a red spotlight, truly demonstrates Joseph Lawrence’s extremely complex command of the stage and its vocals.

This single follows his previous work “Tomorrow” and “Empty House” and with more music on the way, be sure to stay tuned as Joseph Lawerence begins to build his passionate and powerful music empire.

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