Julian Lennon to Host a Documentary Series on Making of Art

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Julian Lennon will host and executive produce a documentary series about how our environment affects art making.

The series titled “Inspired” will be produced by New York-based documentary experts Cargo Film & Releasing. The show will explore how new places influence and shape the creative process of contemporary artists.

In each episode, Lennon, son of the late Beatles member John Lennon, will meet with top performers to “reveal a rich tapestry of inspiring stories and allow the viewer to visit a city, region or country through their eyes”.

Lennon is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, philanthropist, filmmaker, author, and photographer. The project marks one of its first steps into television presentation.

Lennon said: “What makes this series special is getting to know an artist and the culture of a place through a particular lens – this unique relationship an artist establishes with a particular place and sparks his creativity. It’s a new entry point for both the artist and the venue, which is one of the bright hits of this series.”

Lennon recently presented the environmentally focused photography exhibition “Atmospheria” with Frieze Los Angeles at the William Turner Gallery, and some of the proceeds benefit his nonprofit The White Feather Foundation. Lennon has also exhibited his work internationally, including Art Basel Miami, Art Cube Paris, Morrison Hotel Gallery, Contemporary Istanbul, World Art Dubai and Leica galleries worldwide including Tokyo, São Paulo, Frankfurt and Los Angeles.

“Inspired” was created by the filmmaking duo Guto Barra and Tatiana Issa from their Emmy-winning production company Production Partners. The team’s work includes “A Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez” for HBO Max and the competition-travel format “Queens on the Run” for Amazon Studios.

“Inspired” will join Cargo Film & Releasing’s under-production and newly completed series of premium docs. “Hidden Letters,” an Oscar shortlisted film in the company’s portfolio; SXSW selected movie “The Devil Wants You” about Evil Panic; and the environmental themed documentary and ZDF/Arte co-production “Mighty Afrin: In the Time of Floods”.

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