K-Pop Exports at All-Time High

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export kpop The number of albums increased by 17% each year, reaching an all-time record of $133 million in the first six months of the year. United States The second largest overseas market for Korean music, now worth $25 million Chinesehowever, it still trails Japan ($48 million), according to data from the Korean Customs Service.

The next largest were Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Canada, the UK and France.
Despite his absence, the record was achieved BTS as a group (BTS members JiminAnd suga put solo efforts) and saw Street Kids, Tomorrow X Together, Seventeen, Ateez And Twice all have an international impact.


Yip Cheuk Tung (aka Tony Yip) submitted his resignation as chief strategy officer. Tencent Music Entertainment Group, the company announced. The move was made for personal reasons and will take effect on August 31. Yip joined the company in 2018, in time for two stock listings in New York and Hong Kong and a strategic buyout. spotify.


Hit Turkish romantic comedy “Bittersweet” Licensed to distributors covering 70 countries. played Can Yaman And Ozge Gurel The show follows a new chef who finds a job with a businessman and sets himself on the path to fulfilling his dream of opening a restaurant and finding love.

Producing “Bitter Sweet” Productions No. 9It has 81 commercial hours and aired with a strong rating on it. Star TV. international rights Global Agency.


“Man of Reason” a film marking the best Korean actor’s directorial debut Jung Woo-sungLicensed to play sales reps in 153 territories Acemaker Film StudiesHe said Tuesday. Jung also plays a man who is released from prison, discovers that he has a daughter, and does not want to return to the life of a gangster. The boss of the gang vows to destroy him. The movie will be released in Korea on August 15.

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