Keke Palmer Pokes Fun at ‘Boyfriend’ Drama in Usher’s New Music Video


Usher and Keke Palmer are fueling the fire caused by their viral Las Vegas dance in a new music video for Usher’s “Boyfriend.”

Clips of the pair dancing to Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” during one of his Las Vegas residency concerts became a hot topic online after Palmer’s partner, Darius Jackson, publicly criticized her for the revealing outfit she wore to the concert. “It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom,” he wrote about Palmer, with whom he shares a baby boy.

Palmer issued her first response on the matter in the form of the music video that premiered on Usher’s official YouTube account on Wednesday.

In the video, Palmer is seen prepping for a girl’s night out in a Las Vegas casino. Dressed to impress, Palmer sings along to Usher’s 2001 classic “U Remind Me” in the elevator down to the lobby where she locks eyes with the Usher for a brief second. Palmer then fully embodies Usher’s signature swagger, sporting the same exact outfit as him, and dancing across the casino floor as the pair take turns showing off their choreography skills.

“Somebody said that your boyfriend’s lookin’ for me,” Usher sings in “Boyfriend.” “Well, he should know I’m pretty easy to find / Just look for me wherever he sees you.”

Before the video comes to a close, Palmer wakes up in her hotel room and realizes it was all a dream and that she actually missed out on the whole night. “I’m so tired,” she says before addressing the camera with a wink and adding: “I am a mother, after all.”

In a social media post promoting the video, Palmer wrote: “Usher! I remember when I was 12 and auditioned for ‘In The Mix’ You have been killing it all my life. As a true lover of the arts, your talent and craftsmanship are a rare combination that I aspire to achieve as a performer. You are a living legend who is worthy of awe! Thank you for encouraging me and seeing me as the entertainer I am.”
She added: “I know I’m a gUrL but when I watched your videos, I never wanted to be the girl in them, I wanted to be YOU. Thank you for making a dream come true.”

This is the first time Palmer has outwardly addressed the drama that started with Jackson’s post in early July. But, after the incident occurred, Palmer offered a word of wisdom to new moms in an interview with the Cut.

“Do you, new moms. Do you,” Palmer told the publication. “Girl, if there’s one person on this earth that loves you for sure, it’s that baby. Be happy, because there’s no love like it. Somebody loving you like that, hell, who cares?”

Watch the video for “Boyfriend” below.

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