Kelly Clarkson Releases Entire ‘Chemistry’ Album at LA Concert


Kelly Clarkson He celebrated his 41st birthday on Monday night with a ceremonial purge and sang all 14 songs from the “Chemistry” project he’s been working on for three years, and has apparently been quite accurately described as expressing his feelings for her. Recorded divorce, by all means.

“I was really nervous about the release of the record,” Clarkson said at an early point in the emotionally powerful but joyful two-hour concert, which was filmed for future use in downtown Los Angeles, Belasco. The singer said she was emboldened when one of her three-year-old team members said to her, “I was listening to your record and boy, did you make it – loss and grief.” And even the part where you remember well; That’s what keeps you coming back.”

These “remember the good” songs, which recount the early stages of Clarkson’s relationship with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, will no doubt add to the commercial appeal of the album, with some sexual appeal amid the sadness and even the possibility of a dance floor hit. or two, the optimistic “Favorite Kind of High” and “Magic”. However, the singer/TV presenter was eager to point out the parts of the album that upset her the most, rather than downvoting them.

Presenting the ballad “Lighthouse” to the choked up crowd, Clarkson said, “This is probably the saddest song I’ve ever written. I know – you’re like ‘Piece by Piece’ (more sad)? Really? ‘Is it because of you?’… I had to release this song. I wrote most of these songs at an altitude of 35,000 feet, when it got dark on a plane, taking my kids back and forth, and it was exhausting while working and processing what was going on—emotionally, mentally, physically, everything. open and what will I do. I wrote this song and said, ‘I don’t think I should post this. People will be like, is he okay?’ And I – I wasn’t then. But I am fine now.”

The album was performed out of sequence to group four songs that required a string quartet – “Skip This Part”, “Me”, “My Mistake” and “Lighthouse” – right at the start of the show. These were also four of the most emotional songs, and Clarkson didn’t hesitate to reconsider her thoughts on them, even at the end of the show, to the point of “I’m still going to regret it all night long.” How emotional I was in the first four songs.”

Clarkson talked about sharing the “Me” post, which is one of two cuts that are already being released. gay, from the “Abcdefu” reputation, although the two do not work together. He talked about sharing his love for Gayle’s success with the president of Atlantic Records. craig call attendant, informing him that the debuting artist is a company mate. “He’s from Texas too—of course,” she added. After Gayle sang a verse and chorus of the song she started, she said, “I literally took the song and completed it that night. By the way, we’ve never met. He did it on his own and I did my part. He’s probably going through something completely different in verse 1 than Clarkson does in his own second line and bridge, she said. “This is an empowering song that I think people expect from me too – and sometimes I have a hard time writing it, just to really nail what I’m feeling.”

“Skip This Part,” the show’s first song to begin with a cappella, was the most daring diva performance of the night (and required a second try after a failed first start…to nail that part).

He thanked Kallman for encouraging him to record or re-record “My Fault.” He first tried cutting it three and a half years ago, “before the divorce and it was a really great song”, but initially wasn’t rethinking it for “Chemistry.” “Craig, this was for you,” he said, addressing the tag chief. “Craig fought like hell for it. The whole time I was like, ‘…I just don’t know. I played for my whole family – I only have four family members – but I played for all of them. They were all like, ‘Oh, that’s one of my favourites.’ Giving… And then it just changes,” he described, stating that it was “the crazy thing to happen.”

The most touchy songs might be a tie between “Red Flag Collector” and “Down to You,” with the latter containing the chorus lines “I tried to be your friend / I won’t make that mistake again.” “I was just really angry,” he admitted. “Because I feel like people try to be independent until they have to be outside. So that’s what this song is about.” “Red Flag Collector”, meanwhile, was the hardest mid-tempo song of the night, with a Spaghetti Western-influenced opening replaced by heavy guitars and Clarkson’s “Drag my name all over town, frost.” Sorry, I changed it anyway.”

Clarkson brought both movement and tears to the full album stream. Describing the title song as “Chemistry”, he said the melody is about “when you connect with someone and it’s almost animalistic … (where) you can probably take off all your clothes with your teeth”.

And in “Magic” he accelerated pheromones. “This is actually my favorite song on the record,” he claimed—with laughter, given what he had said about previous songs. “I know bitch. I’ve been saying it all night… I’ll say this is my favorite, I promise.” He explained the theme as “even when people say ‘Don’t’ to you, there’s something like, ‘No, you don’t understand …”. He said the song is for everyone. Kim “felt like, ‘My relationship didn’t go right, but if I die tomorrow I felt magic’.”

“I Hate Love” featured a banjo piece performed by Steve Martin on the album. He drew attention to the contradictions romantics felt between the fairy-tale aspects of “The Notebook” and the realism of one of their favorite movies, “It’s Complicated,” referenced in the lyrics – and Martin got the lead. “I am a huge Steve Martin fan because I am alive and breathing,” he said. Clarkson told her producer that “even though it’s kind of a punk-pop-rock song, I thought it would be great to have a banjo in it,” and brought up the idea of ​​approaching the actor/bluegrass collector. “He said yes!” she was glad. “For some reason. He drank enough that night and said yes. As for the theme of the song: “I’m really angry, enjoy it!”

star percussionist Sila E.. she also takes part in the album, “That’s Right”, which she repeated at the concert and was a guest on “Miss Independent” and “Since U Been Gone”, which have two encores other than “Chemistry”. (The second rocker had Sheila marching enthusiastically on stage, banging a portable bell.)

Clarkson gave a speech praising Sheila E.’s authenticity as a person, and then the second musician stopped the musicians as he was about to begin “It’s Right” to give a further complementary speech of himself.

“I just want to say it’s an honor and a privilege to stand by this wonderful woman,” Sheila said. “It takes a lot of time to be transparent and naked as if she were really naked to share her experiences with you. Not everyone can do this. He is the most amazing artist I have ever worked with,” she concluded.

Clarkson says, “I’m 15 forever, so when you said, ‘She was naked,’ I was like, ‘I like being nude.’ That’s what my brain really said.”

Clarkson said that he had never done such a performance, that he stole an entire album. “Stealing the entire recording is the greatest thing ever – we never do that.” “You don’t usually play every song,” She said, even during a tour. Next, wanting to make sure the news about this exception doesn’t set any false expectations for her Planet Hollywood residency in July and August: “Don’t worry Vegas, I’m singing the hits!”

Atlantic did not reveal any plans for how the filmed performance would be viewed by the general public. Cell phone videos are not multiplying as they might otherwise, as they are collected and put in locked pouches at the door.

The performance took a break as concertgoers drew Clarkson’s attention to a patron who passed out in the occupied floor area. He remained on stage, showing concern, as a doctor came out from backstage and cared for the man and finally drove him away. “Oh my God, I was just talking here,” she said in an apologetic voice for not noticing the waving and shouting in the crowd sooner. I thought I was the only one here in church sweating like a whore.

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