Kelly Clarkson Reveals Since U Been Drama: She Lied About Her Songwriting


Kelly Clarkson He appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and clarified the tension behind the production of his hit single “Since U Been Gone”, which still carries a “bad vibe” for him to this day. Host Andy Cohen asked Clarkson to respond to a disclosure in Clive Davis’ memoir that the mega producer claimed should have forced Clarkson to record “Since U Been Gone.”

“Let’s get some background,” Clarkson said. “I was lied to and told that there are producers who want to work with you and that this song exists. There were fake lyrics. There were no lyrics. They said they wanted me to work with him. I was told to write the song.”

“They flew me to Sweden,” Clarkson continued. “I get there and these two people [producers Max Martin and Dr. Luke] I wasn’t told I was writing to him and I had already written it. I looked like an idiot. The label told me something completely different. This is a red flag. Why do I love this? I do not like to tell lies. That’s why I have a bad mood about the song. Interesting facts that people like to leave out.”

While the production of “Since U Been Gone” still didn’t quite fit Clarkson, it never stopped him from performing the song during concerts.

“Singing is beautiful,” Clarkson said. “I’m such a good partitioner and I can put that aside and sing like hell on tour. I would never do that.”

“Since U Been Gone” was the lead single from Clarkson’s second studio album, “Breakaway”. The track earned Clarkson a Grammy for best female pop vocal performance and is considered one of the definitive pop anthems of the 2000s.

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