Kesha and Dr. Luke Sets Defamation Case Out of Court


Kesha and producer doctor luke Both parties announced on Thursday that they had resolved a defamation dispute out of court, and each published a quote regarding the settlement stating that they saw this as the end of the road for their lengthy legal disputes.

Dr Luke said in a statement that he “wants Kesha well”, while the singer said he “wants nothing but peace to all parties involved” as the court drama apparently nears its end.

“God only knows what happened that night,” Kesha wrote. “As I always say, I cannot explain everything that happened. I look forward to closing the door of this chapter of my life and starting a new chapter. I wish nothing but peace to all parties involved.”

“While I once again commend Kesha for admitting she couldn’t tell what happened that night in 2005, I’m pretty sure nothing happened,” Luke wrote. “I’ve never drugged her or attacked her, and I would never do that to anyone. For the sake of my family, I’ve fought fiercely to clear my name for nearly 10 years. It’s time to put this difficult issue behind me and move on with my life. Best wishes to Kesha.”

The move to reach a settlement was made 10 days ago by the New York appellate court’s Dr. It followed immediately after Luke’s decision that he would be considered a public figure for the purposes of his case, further increasing the burden of proof for the producer to prove that he was himself. Blackened by Kesha. The court also awarded a portion of the attorney’s fees to Dr. She decided she could get it back from Luke. But the producer also stood out on several other issues in the court’s lengthy summary, which decided that some of his statements, which he wanted inadmissible as part of the court documents, would remain as part of the case and be left to a jury to decide.

The trial was due to begin on July 19, nine years after moving through the system.

The battle between the singer and her former mentor and producer pits Kesha on Dr. It goes back to 2014 when Luke (legal name: Lukasz Gottwald) claimed that he drugged her in 2005 and then raped her. She sued him for defamation for allegations against him and also for allegedly assaulting another singer. According to her account, Kesha made allegations that she wanted out of her record deal, which she vehemently denied. Even after their personal working relationship ended, she continued to be contracted by the Kemosabe TV series.

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