Kim Petras Announces New Album ‘Feed the Beast’ Coming This Summer


who petras The much-anticipated major record label released their debut album “Feed the Beast” June 23. Petras has released a number of EPs and compilation albums over the past few years, but “Feed the Beast” will be his first full-length LP. Republic Records/Friend Records.

Petras first announced the news on social media with a picture of a medieval sword leaning against a pile of rocks. He wrote “The story begins on June 23” in the caption of the post and added a link for fans to pre-record the album on their streaming platform.

Prior to that, the pop singer uploaded a video, hinting at the project’s dark aesthetic. collage A series of black and white photographs of a knight’s helmet, a metal shield, and three different swords.

Petras was expected to release a set billed as “Problématique” as his debut album last year, but reportedly the project was shelved after several tracks began circulating the internet. He has since released a long list of singles presumed to be featured on “Feed the Beast”, including Nicki Minaj’s latest film “Alone”, which samples Alice DeeJay’s “Better Off Alone” and “brrr” . It is produced by ILYA together with Max Martin and Omar Fedi.

Petras debuted at the Billboard Hot 100 No. The 1st hit Hers and Sam Smith’s Grammy-winning film “Unholy” is also expected to be on the track list.

The news came as Petras is expected to perform at the Governor’s Ball in New York on June 9 and will also be featured as part of the Citi Concert Series for “TODAY” on the album’s release date.

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