KrashKarma – Falling To Pieces (Album Review)


KrashKarma – Falling To Pieces (Album Review)

What makes a Hard Rock or Heavy Metal band stand out among the masses? First, it’s never a bad idea to think outside the box. Having a strong musical and personal connection on the same path always shines like a shining star. Finally, being somehow unique is definitely a winning trait, and with so much “already done” these days it’s pretty hard to achieve. German/US Hard Rock/Heavy Metal duo KrashKarma definitely fits all of the above. Perfect match, Niki Skistimas and Ralf Dietel at work again with their sixth studio album break into pieces Available Friday, June 23, 2023 via Rockshots Records.

With just two members (live and in the studio), creating a full band sound can be difficult. However, KrashKarma makes it look effortless. Nikki Skistimas takes over the vocals and dominates the drums as a hard hitter. With that in mind, anyone who has tried to run these two tasks at the same time knows how incredibly difficult it is. As this inspiring combination continues, Ralf Dietel, Ms. He plays a specially created instrument he calls Frankenstein; a guitar and bass that can be played at the same time. Then she goes into death wheeze mode, aligning a bit with Skistimas’ vocals. Now that the stage is set for how this group works in a unique way, it’s time to delve into the special qualities of the group. break into pieces.

Their sixth album of twelve songs, each track seems to represent a different moment in time, perhaps there was a challenge or challenge to overcome. Additionally, this is a surprisingly heavier album than longtime fans of KrashKarma are used to; however, this approach has generally had success with its implementation. Starting with the title track, it pretty much exemplifies the mood of the album. It has a Metalcore/Deathcore vibe but also incorporates the signature style vocals and guitar riffs that make Krashkarma special.

The second track, “15 Minutes Of Pain”, has a great dynamic of crossover vocals as well as drumming with a guitar riff exchange between Skistimas and Dietel. It has the basic structures seen in bands like Lacuna Coil with its dueling vocals and In Flames with its heavy guitar projection…but very clearly KrashKarma. This track is easily a favorite and would be the perfect time to listen to it in a live setting.

Then again, the heavy-speed energy in the song “Tap Dancing Through Minesweepers” is definitely fun and clean, the high octaves quite impressive only when mixed with a few harsh, deeper vocals by Skistimas. Also, Dietel keeps his weight through and this is a swap that once again works really well for them. Then more than half of the album is two short but very entertaining songs. This episode begins with the punchy death piece “Shut Up”, before the softer emotional piece “Fireball”. Towards the end of the album is the intriguing song “monSTERS EXIT THE HOPELESS” that seems to explore something deep within the soul. Dietel really shows off his vocal range here in this melody, layering heavily with Skistima’s strong serenity.

Comprehensive break into pieces full of surprises and represents a stellar collaboration in both song structure and vocal exchange. KrashKarma literally never misses a beat! That’s why Cryptic Rock is giving the newest achievement of this special duo 5 out of 5 stars.

KrashKarma – Falling To Pieces / Rockshot Records (2023)

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