Kris Wu: Jailed Chinese Pop Star Appeals to Court


Kris WuThe Chinese-Canadian pop megastar, who was jailed last year for rape and group sex, appeared in court in Beijing on Tuesday to appeal his conviction.

The case was heard at the Beijing No. 3 Intermediate People’s Court. The appeal appears to have been filed in a single day and away from media or public scrutiny.

Chinese state media said it was “in line with laws protecting the privacy of victims”. In a social media post, the court said it had informed the Canadian embassy before the trial and that Wu’s rights were protected.

The decision to appeal will be announced in the indefinite future.

wu was He was convicted last November by the Chaoyang District People’s Court. 13 years total – 11 and a half years for the rapper and 22 consecutive months for “group debauchery” – will be deported Chinese after completing his sentence.

Wu was first accused of rape by the influential Du Meizhu in 2021. Du claimed on social media that Wu had lured several other women, some of whom were underage, while pretending to hire actresses.

Firstly, officials were skeptical of Du’s allegations. But after more research and testimonies from other women, Vu arrested by the police. The court convicted him of having sex with multiple women in 2020 before his encounter with Du.

Given China’s court conviction rate of 99.9%, Wu’s arrest in August 2021 led to one of the most dramatic collapses of a famous brand.

Wu was one of China’s highest-paid celebrities with successful music, acting and TV careers – he appeared on “The Rap of China” for four seasons – and a huge collection of brand endorsements.

A few days after his arrest, shows featuring Wu disappeared entirely, including high-profile programs by major broadcasters and content studios Youku, iQiyi, MangoTV, and Bilibili.

Guangzhou-born Wu reportedly has more than 50 million followers on Weibo, a popular social media platform, and boasts fans around the world. It is unclear how many remained.

At the time, state media hailed Wu’s arrest as an example of the strength of the Chinese legal system and proof that even high-flyers can’t get away with bad behavior. He also called for the entertainment industry to rid itself of “carbuncles”.

More recently, official outlets have been a little more courteous. “Television, film and music industry associations urged celebrities to act on their own and focus more on their professions to support the healthy development of the entertainment field and set a good example for the public,” China Daily said in a statement Tuesday.

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