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the last few weeks, labyrinth running high.

Artist, producer and Emmy winner last month”euphoriaThe composer gave the biggest performances of his career at Coachella. One of the most talked about sets of the festival, Labrinth surprised fans with special guests on both weekends: billie eilish They came out to sing their lively collaborative “Never Felt So Alone” on Weekend 1, and joined Sia and Maddie Ziegler as well as the “Euphoria” star for “Thunderclouds” on the second weekend. zendayawho has not sung live since 2015 (when she briefly pursued a music career). The exciting rendition of “I’m Tired” and “All for Us,” both songs from the hit HBO series, instantly exploded on social media.

“I love how brave he was because I was in the same position as him—I hadn’t put on a big show like this in 10 years,” Labrinth says. Variation. “I was like, I don’t even know what to expect. And then when he came along and did, I said, ‘No, you’re a G man. It was inspiring for me to get up to speed and pursue it.

He then released his third studio album “Ends & Begins” on April 28 and traveled to New York the following Monday, dressed in Valentino and Cartier, to attend his first Met Gala. “It’s kind of like ‘Alice goes down the rabbit hole’ – this world you see in magazines and on TV and you’re sitting in it,” she says of the star-studded event.

Below, she chats with Labrinth Variation the spirit behind his new album is about writing love songs with his wife and whether he has just started working on “Euphoria” Season 3.

You had one of the most admired Coachella sets this year. What was going through your mind before the first show?

I thought there would be two rows of spectators inside the tent. Then when I got on stage and couldn’t see the end of the crowd, it was like, “Damn, this is so much more than I thought.” And the whole set, everybody knew every song. And remember, I haven’t performed a lot of my creations on stage in the last few years, so I didn’t really know how many people liked the songs. It was just an overwhelming, but truly joyful and joyful moment.

How did you make your surprise guests?

I held them at gunpoint and it’s like if you don’t… [Laughs.] No, I shared my vision with everyone I came to the program and wanted [my guests to be] Women I truly respect. And they’re all very talented to me personally and have inspired me at some point. So I shared it with them and said, “I would love for you to perform on the show.” They were all like, “Yeah sure, let’s do it” in their own way.

I’m pretty surprised, because sometimes in this music industry it’s all about influence, how many numbers you get and how famous you are. And I feel like people around me are like, “We respect your talent and what you add to the world, so we cheer you up all the way.” I felt like I had a family supporting me on stage. When I imagined these ideas, I said I want people to lose their minds when they see them take to the stage. So the way I wanted them to come up with Billie, Zendaya and Sia was like superheroes, you know? I feel like the Avengers are on stage.

You recently attended your first Met Gala. How does it feel to finally know what goes on behind those doors?

My lady was like, “So you’re going to ‘Eyes Wide Shut'” with Nicole Kidman. I was like, “Baby, it wasn’t like that, don’t worry”.

And Nicole Kidman was there!

Was it there? I didn’t see him! I realize how many people are still there… Let me sit back and watch this whole thing, you know? Lizzo performed and she’s sick, man, she totally killed it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration for your new album “Ends & Begins”?

I was supposed to air before Season 2 of “Euphoria”. I actually wrote this right after Season 1 and then we kept it because it felt like the time had never come. And then when we got to Coachella, it was like, “I guess this is a moment.”

I wanted to write an album close to my heart; I wanted to write an album full of love songs for my mother. Each song is inspired by the memories I had with him. It wasn’t unique to those moments, I wasn’t like that [sings] “You broke my heart in 2016.” But all those moments inspired the songs and I just said, “Here’s another part of the story of what I’ve done as an artist.”

The album begins with “The Feels” featuring Zendaya. The song captures a very special emotion, what inspired it and how did Zendaya come about?

We recorded “The Feels” after a rehearsal for Coachella and he recorded the verse just before Coachella. Then on my bus ride to Coachella, I started working on his lines and sang them the way I wanted. So it was literally such a short time that it was a lot of fun. Along with production, I love classic rock records, I got a little bit of that inspiration and wanted to try and write down that feeling when you meet someone and it blows your mind – it’s like this feeling is so big, so big.

“The Feels”, “Covering” and “Power Couple” were written with your partner Banana – how did this collaboration come about and what does it mean to you?

We just write while raising our children. People sometimes think I’m a superstar and especially after Coachella I’m like, “Wow, you’re like a rock star!” Like, do you know what I did after Coachella? I went home at 5 am, woke up at 7 am and was changing my son’s diaper in the morning. This is the reality of our life that I love. I love the duality of these words. But we’ll also be throwing lyrics or ideas at each other as we raise our kids and live this beautiful life, and so we have these weird writing sessions where we’re mom and dad but we also write songs together. It’s fun to write with someone you love and live your life with.

Your collaboration with Billie Eilish, “Never Felt So Alone” is really on the rise right now. The original idea was featured as a motif in Season 2 of “Euphoria” – how did it turn into a full song featuring Billie?

I always planned to turn it into a song, but I just couldn’t get it to work. And then when it started with “Euphoria”… You know, I really like that, I thought I’d take it all the way. Because I thought Billie was an amazing artist, I felt that to her and honestly expected no, but she was like, “I love this record so I would love to do it with you.” She was so simple, she wrote [her verse] With Finneas and they both did a great job. To be honest, it was as peaceful, a simple process as the recording felt.

Your children are also invested in the song. How did they contribute?

People don’t know this, but if you listen well to some of my songs, you can really hear my children’s voices from outside. They’re playing in the garden at one of my houses and I’m in the studio so you can literally hear their voices from the garden. I took my daughter in and she was singing all these weird little things while I was playing the song and I was like, “I’m using this!” My son does the same, and I am inspired by them.

Have your children demonstrated your same talent for music?

My daughter does the same with me, she can hear a melody and literally start making songs from scratch. He’ll be quiet and then all of a sudden he sings this crazy tune that even I was inspired by. And I recorded a few of his tunes, I hope the world hears them soon.

That’s literally the person I was directing on stage because me and my kids have a spree at home every morning. Wherever I go in the world, I get a bouncy castle and we hop into the bouncy castle and play ’90s house music or their favorite tunes. Right now my daughter is making me dance to Katy Perry’s “Firework”.

Of course I have to ask about “Euphoria” Season 3. What do you know, if any?

I don’t even know if they’ve written yet. There’s a whole writer’s strike, that is. But hopefully, they get it together and it’s a vibe. I’m thinking of me and Sam [Levinson] I have to speak at some point, but I’m excited. I think all the guys working on the show are excited to get it going again when it comes out. It’s busy when it arrives though. Once you come, you are like this, Wow.

It has been rumored that Season 3 will be a five-year time skip. Did you hear anything about it?

I really don’t know Sam. Sam can type in as little as five seconds, so sometimes you see a scenario you’ve never seen before. And it works super fast, who knows? I am literally with you for the journey, just like you.

Have you ever had a hard time separating your artist project from your composition work on “Euphoria”, or do you feel like everything just blends naturally?

Coachella was the moment when I felt maybe it connected some dots for people… That’s how it feels for me. So by mixing the two, I feel like they’re starting to mix more and more where they’ve become synonymous with each other.

After your Coachella performance, your social media comments were flooded with fans requesting the tour. Is this on the cards soon?

Yeah man, let me check my accountant. [laughs]. No, I would love to, I just need to figure out the logistics. The only thing keeping me from wanting to do this is that I don’t want to do crazy ass shows. I want to do shows I’ve never seen before. And if I want to do that, I better find a sweet daddy to give me that money. Not cheap, not really. So I better put it together. Sugar daddy, if you’re there…

This interview was edited and summarized.

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