Late Night with Taylor Swift: Rainy Nashville Show Ends at 1:30 PM


Taylor Swift‘s last song “Midnight Rain” lived up to its name when it was performed at Nissan Stadium in Nashville on Sunday night, the only difference being that when it finally arrived on the playlist it was actually after 1:00 pm local time. The finale of the three-night affair in his hometown was pushed back hours from the scheduled start time due to lightning strikes near the city centre; When he finally set off after 10 pm, a constant downpour poured into the second half of the three-and-a-half-hour set, hitting Swift as hard as the audience in the roofless hall before the show. Completed just after 01:35

The general crowd mood in that drenched early hour: frenzied. (Except for a small minority of fans who give up and go home before the show starts.)

“This is officially a rain show,” Swift told the 70,000-strong crowd when the long-threatening rain finally came in serious in the middle of “Delicate,” the 16th issue of a 45-song show that could go down in legend as “Late Night.” With Taylor Swift.”

Later, as the downpour didn’t subside during the “Red” themed episode of the show, she said, “This is something we all do together. It’s like such a bonding experience. We’re all going to leave here tonight like we’ve been through five car washes… People are like, ‘Where have you been? A few wars?’ And you’re like, ‘No, I just went term tour. This is good.'”

As 1 o’clock approaches, Swift begins the show’s penultimate “surprise songs” episode, which is joined by a special guest, a co-writer, and co-producer on her last three albums. Aaron Desner, to play a second guitar on the “Midnights” bonus track “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”. Dessner, who took a long walk from the main stage to the B-stage in the middle of the stadium, also looked quickly flooded.

National’s Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner perform on stage on the third night of the Eras Tour at Nissan Stadium on May 7, 2023, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Shearer/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)
Getty Images for TAS Rights Mana

“You’ve been through a lot tonight,” he told the crowd. “We look like we’ve all been sprayed with a garden hose. We are all like river otters.” About Dessner, “He was warned about the rain and still accepted the challenge. Don’t worry about us, we talked about it. We knew it was a possibility. Your hair will look as good as mine very soon.”

Dessner was ready for this unforgettable event. “I’ve been lucky to see other shows on this tour, but it’s even better in the rain,” he said.

The show, like every other stop on the tour, was scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm and had two opening acts before a Swift set, which usually lasted from about 7:50 to 11:15. But on Sunday in Nashville, about an hour after the show began, announcements were broadcast on big screens and on social media warning attendees to take shelter in the venue’s concourses or stay in their cars if they hadn’t gotten inside yet. This warning remained in effect from around 5:30 am to around 9:45 am, at which point – for now – lightning struck the area and fans were finally told they had to sit down, which resulted in a human traffic jam at the stadium entrances. . By then, some tired families with small children had already said goodbye.

A wet-haired Taylor Swift performs on stage on the third night of the Eras Tour at Nissan Stadium on May 7, 2023, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Shearer/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)
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“Rain shows” are actually well remembered and prized by some fans who have seen it in outdoor stadium settings before, so demoralization among those who managed to get out of the marathon was not much of an issue as they waited at the end of the show. Opening actions started around 22:10 Phoebe Bridgers and Gracie Abrams had long fallen off the bill, unsurprisingly with a Swift set that averaged 220 minutes to finish.

Swift’s wet head is no stranger to sight (some tours in the past have ended with him standing at a waterfall or playing with his dancers in a fountain), but it’s good how long and how long he’s been out in a downpour with his fans. touring may have been unprecedented in his life. The singer made it a point to ask the crowd to “make some noise for my outstanding dancers who danced in the rain all night for you,” when things got messy at 1:37 am. … to stay for us, to give us everything you have – we love you Nashville. We will never forget this night.”

Taylor Swift performs on a drenched stage for Taylor Swift’s third night | The Eras Tour at Nissan Stadium on May 7, 2023, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Shearer/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)
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Lightning returned to the environment before Swift’s show ended, as fan photos and videos showed the sky lighting up in the distance around midnight, but was not stopped any longer after the show began. While fans may wonder if curfews or fines will cause Swift’s set to intensify, Nissan Stadium is said to be municipally owned and not subject to restrictions that could affect other venues – especially when releasing 70,000 angry Swifties into the wild is a possibility.

As annual CMA Festival travelers can confirm, there are long delays for lightning and even tornado warnings at Nissan Stadium during the summer months. A new stadium that will have a fixed roof is in the planning stages, with plans to build it next to the existing facility and open it for the Titans’ NFL season in 2026.

One fan who was happy to wait for hours was Siobhan Düden, a 32-year-old middle school teacher from Knoxville who spent one of her first nights out after having a baby six months ago. “We all got together at this moment of bonding, we sang songs while waiting for Taylor. Everyone totally embraced it. We were all here for Taylor and we knew she would be there for us. On the spot, we waited in the middle of the bunker, while my friends and I were saying, ‘Meet me at midnight.’ We joked that he literally meant that. We’d really wait for the show to start at midnight to see him, if that’s what it takes. When I finally sat down in my seat, it was so exciting because once you realized how many people were left of all of this, you knew you were around people like you” with equal determination.

Swift fans are wondering how Sunday’s show differs from the two previous shows in Nashville, or from other gigs so far along the route: “The 1” returned to the set on Sunday as the first number of the “Folklore” episode. Invisible String” curiously reappeared on Saturday night. Apart from this one-off, “Invisible String” was part of the tour set list, last held in Las Vegas on March 25. Fans hypothesized that she was removed from the set early in the tour, as the song’s lyrics are full of autobiographical details about her relationship with Joe Alwyn, who has been known to break up this year.

(Tagged as a possible new lover by British tabloids, Matty Healy from 1975 reportedly watched Sunday’s concert from an enclosed space… However, contrary to the aforementioned tabloids’ predictions, he did not perform with Swift. Healy did. Bridgers on Saturday’s opening set guitar strumming behind.)

While Bridgers didn’t get the opening set he had planned (the first two nights in Nashville featured cameos from his Boygenius colleagues), fans at least got to see Bridgers join Swift on the lead set for the third consecutive year. “Nothing New” duets from “Red (Taylor’s Version)”. (The Bridgers will also open all of Swift’s shows through the end of May, before going on tour with Boygenius starting in June.)

In the “hidden songs” section, Swift began her and Dessner’s performance of “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” by describing it as “one of our favorite songs we did together… (it) we hear you”. men are always demanding. The song, which appears to be a return to the theme of the “Speak Now” track “Dear John”, became the clear favorite among all the bonus tracks released as part of the “Midnights” deluxe edition last fall. “You knew every word of it,” she said, expressing her surprise at the ferocity of enthusiasm for a tune removed from the standard version.

After Dessner left and Swift took the piano, she went to great lengths to offer lyrical context for the second surprise song, “Mine”—at least to emphasize that this song isn’t actually autobiographical. In 2010, it was the lead single from “Speak Now”, which Swift announced would be the next album in the “Taylor’s Version” series of re-records of the Big Machine catalog product that she had encouraged fans not to buy as early as Friday night. or playing.

While Swift discusses 2020’s “Folklore” as the first time he wrote extensively based on character rather than his own performance, he noted that it really started 10 years ago with his album “Speak Now.” “I wrote the song ‘Speak Now’ about breaking up an ex’s wedding (title)… I was 19 when I wrote this and none of my exes were getting married,” he stated. “It was so fantastic, so fantastic… For the first time in the cinema, I thought, ‘This is not my life, but what if it were?'” The same was true for the album’s lead single: “When I was writing it, I was writing about all these relationship stuff that didn’t happen to me. It’s like there’s a drawer of my stuff in your house… These are the things I disagreed with when I was writing these songs at the age of 19. It’s been a pleasure to go back and re-record them, because I’m relating to them now. It’s called ‘Mine’.”

For years, fans have been confused about who “Mine” is about, as the lyrical details have no known counterparts to real-life events. Now, they can finally be content with knowing for certain who it’s about: no one.

Swift continues her tour in Philadelphia on Friday. It may take this long for some of the Sunday night attendees to get back to their sleep schedule. At the end of one of the fans’ live broadcasts, it read: “Good night, good luck to everyone with school tmrw.” Anyone whose phone has run out of battery may have had a special “luck” in the designated waiting area without contacting the family about pickup; Nissan Stadium had advised parents via social media to arrive three hours after the actual start time.

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