Latto Responds After Fan Throws Items On Stage: ‘Do You Want To Beat Your Ass?’


latto After becoming the latest victim of the unruly concert etiquette that has injured many musicians, he acted immediately. The Atlanta-born rapper stood still after someone threw an object onto the stage during a performance of “Put It On Da Floor” at one of his last festival performances in Germany.

Wanna beat your ass? Throw it again,” Latto threatened into the microphone. “I’ll beat your ass if you throw it again,” he repeated in a songlike tone to match the obscene rhythm of his song perfectly.

Clash caught by a fan video This has been circulating the internet for Latto’s comedic approach to the dangerous trend targeting pop stars in the past few months. baby rexha During a tour of New York City in June, he got a cell phone and blacked out eyes. The NYPD has arrested a 27-year-old man who admitted to deliberately throwing the phone at Rexha. He was charged with assault. Lately, like the stars drake, harry styles and Kelsea Balını were also hit by flying objects.

Latto’s response was the most heated confrontation we’ve ever seen, but Adele was also quick to take preventative measures during an attack. end Show for his residence in Las Vegas.

“You notice how people are forgetting the goddamn show etiquette right now? People throwing shit on the stage, have you seen them? Adele asked the crowd, waving her T-shirt gun. “I challenge you. If you dare throw anything at me, I will kill you,” he joked.

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