Luminate, Data Company Behind Billboard Charts, Launches Platform


brightenThe entertainment industry data company has launched a beta version of their new platform. The new design gives users a better idea of ​​entertainment consumption and mass reach in the music, film and television industries.

For the past three decades, Luminate has been the source behind it. Billboard Charts providing access to music sales, streaming and broadcasting.

“As uncertainty surrounding artificial intelligence and other technological advances begins to invade the entertainment industry, there has never been a more pressing time for transparency and objectivity in how data is used in music, movies, TV, streaming video content and more,” said Rob Jonas. Luminate CEO said in a statement.

“Luminate’s new platform builds on three decades of expertise – the information and content we collect and analyze every day creates a rich data asset on which predictions and recommendations will become commonplace for our customers and partners,” he added. “We’re focused on centralized, unbiased information to help inform, be honest, and bring creators together at a single point of reference.”

Courtesy Luminate

Highlights of the platform include a new user interface with dashboard sharing capability, global filters, faster processing time, and access to more metadata including country of origin and tag information. Additionally, Luminate will soon add new data partners to expand their database.

“In the coming quarters, Luminate will incorporate other data offerings into the new platform, including music audience research, movie metadata, TV metadata, streaming video analytics, and more,” the company said in a statement.

Formerly known as P-MRC DataLuminate is owned by Penske Media Corp. (publisher) is a joint venture between Variation) and Eldridge.

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