Mac DeMarco Summer Tour Dates: ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ Live


Mac DeMarco hit the road with his road trip instrumental album “Five Easy Hot Dogs”.

The independent singer-songwriter will perform for one night in Los Angeles and three nights in New York, Paris and London to support the record she released in January.

DeMarco will be accompanied by a full band playing a “candid” set of “Five Easy Hot Dogs” as well as remastered versions of songs from his discography.

“Hi, Mac D. We’re bringing ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ to the stage in July. It must be beautiful, it must be different, I hope it will be special. I hope to see you there.”

DeMarco also announced that “Five Easy Hot Dogs” will be released on vinyl this summer.

DeMarco stayed away from the studio while recording the album, choosing instead to adventure across North America and record spontaneous instruments inspired by cities he had visited from Portland to Vancouver to Chicago.

“Making this recording felt quite natural to me” DeMarco said Variation earlier this year. “She has a weird little musical identity of her own and she doesn’t ‘slap’, she doesn’t have ‘bangers’. It’s just what it is. I love music. I like to record music. I like to listen to music. And I don’t need any extra luggage to come with it. It’s such a simple pleasure to be alive.”

In the interview, DeMarco also made fun of putting “Five Easy Hot Dogs” on stage, saying, “It wouldn’t make sense to take it on tour, but maybe a handful of shows would.”

View the dates of the shows in question below:

Rep. July 14 – Los Angeles, California. @ Ford Theater
Tuesday, July 18 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
To marry. July 19 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
Thu 20 July – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
mon. July 24 – Paris, France @ Cabaret Sauvage
Tuesday 25 July – Paris, France @ Cabaret Sauvage
To marry. July 26 – Paris, France @ Cabaret Sauvage
Sun. 30 July – London, UK @ Hackney Empire
mon. 31 July – London, UK @ Hackney Empire
Tuesday 1 August – London, UK @ Hackney Empire

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