Mark Taper Forum Cancels All Productions Scheduled for Season 2034-24


In a move that will surely shock Los Angeles theater audiences, Central Theater Group (CTG) announced on Thursday that it is canceling its plans for the 2023-24 season. Mark Konik Forumone of the most important homes for new games in the city, although not the country due to serious financial concerns.

The announcement stated that the organization’s other two theaters, the Ahmanson and Kirk Douglas Theaters, will continue their seasons as usual and their 2023-24 schedule will be announced soon.

The show suspension at the 736-seat Mark Taper will begin after the conclusion of the current world premiere musical “Transparent” on June 25. The screenings of the other two shows that have already been announced will be canceled or postponed. The world premiere of “Fake It Until You Make It”, which begins August 2, is being canceled, but the agency said “we plan to show it in a coming season.” Meanwhile, the “Cambodian Rock Band” touring production for Mark Taper has been canceled entirely.

Although the announcement did not include any specific news about the staff cuts, the Los Angeles Times reported Shortly before the press release is released, CTG will lay off approximately 10% of its full-time staff as a result of the funding crisis. CTG’s chief executive and CEO, Meghan Pressman, told the Times that the organization’s budget deficit is in the millions of dollars.

The statement said CTG “continues to feel the effects of the pandemic and struggles to offset ever-increasing production costs with significantly declining ticket revenues and donations lagging behind 2019 levels.” We are facing a crisis like no other in our 56-year history. It is in this environment that we need to take the extraordinary step of pausing a significant portion of CTG’s programming, which will begin this summer and continue through the 2023/24 Season, as well as significant restructuring measures to create a vibrant and sustainable organization that can act. this is the new paradigm.”

CTG said the venue won’t be completely dark for the next year as it looks to “innovative, unconventional” and “community-centered” events that will be showcased in the theater while normal programming is suspended.

The most successful play produced since the theater’s return after the pandemic was the acclaimed “Slave Play”, which sold out. Other productions haven’t been so lucky, but Mark Taper has continued to act as a starting location for shows heading to New York, like “King James,” which ended last year and now at Manhattan Theater Club.

Detailing the problems facing most theaters in the country, Pressman told the Times: “With this announcement, we’re partly saying ‘theatre hasn’t come back’ and the #1 thing people can do is go home. local theatre. If we’re really going to come back, we need people to move faster than before to show that they care about live performing arts.”

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