Morgan Wallen Postpones Six-Week Concerts, Cancels ACM’s Screening


morgan wallen She posted a video statement on her Instagram on Tuesday saying she has to postpone her next six-week tour dates and a scheduled appearance after just two days. Country Music Awards Academy telecast – after doctors ordered her to rest vocals.

Wallen had recently canceled some dates, but returned to the road for three shows last weekend, which he said was devastating and hastened a return to the doctor.

The country star told her fans in her sullen video that the dates will be postponed and rescheduled.

“I got some bad news yesterday after 10 days of audio listening from my doctors at the Vanderbilt Sound Center,” Wallen said. “I did three shows in Florida last weekend, and on the third I felt really bad. So yesterday I went and got binoculars and they said I had re-injured my vocal cords and had vocal cord trauma. Their advice is to go on vocal rest for six weeks. I will do the same.”

Wallen said he was even told not to speak for the time being, but briefly agreed to speak for something like his announcement to fans.

He said it wasn’t the only sound injury currently affecting him.

“When I was in Australia, I tore my lattice too. I was trying to handle this silently but this time permission will help me get it back too…

“They said if I did it right I would go back to 100%. And they said that if I didn’t listen, my voice would be permanently impaired if I kept singing. So for the longevity of my career, it was just a choice I had to make. I appreciate your time support.

“We’re working on rescheduling all the dates in this time slot. We’re almost done with this, but some are on hold, so I’ll keep you updated. I won’t be able to do these festivals that I have in this time slot, but we’ll get them right next year.

Wallen said he wouldn’t do either. ACM Awards or the previous Lifting Lives chart event, “but make sure you go anyway. It’s for a great cause,” he said.

As Wallen concluded his two-minute statement, “See you soon and I’ll be back better than ever. May god protect you.”

Wallen had previously canceled four shows, the first of which arrived on April 23 at show time in Oxford, Mississippi.

If Wallen’s prediction of six weeks of silence is correct, he will miss arena and stadium performances in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Chicago, among other places.

An announcement from Wallen’s advertiser said new dates will be announced “soon”; At this point, anyone with a ticket will have a 30-day refund window open at the point of purchase if they are unable or unwilling to attend the rescheduled event. To show. The statement stated that Wallen was indeed working to reschedule the missed festival performances to 2024.

The star is ready for the entertainer of the year award at Thursday’s ACMs.

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