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Grammy award-winning artist Mura Masa has released her latest single ‘Whenever I Want’. A piece inspired by Junglism, Jersey club and Breakcore.

“Whenever I Want” is a song with a high energy foundation, an exciting kick drum and strong vocal parts. “Whenever I Want” is an excellent song that symbolizes Mura Masa as an artist showcasing her skills in the electronic music genre. We hope to see more tracks from this range in the future, following the release of new label pond records.

Mura Masa is a producer for many artists, including Ice Spice with his latest project with PinkPantheres and the song ‘Boy’s a Liar pt.2’. Mura Masa is getting ready to play at Coachella on the weekends and tour the world throughout the year.

‘Whenever I Want’ follows the release of Mura Masa’s third studio album ‘Demon Time’ after the release of her second album ‘RYC’ after her last European tour. From Mura Masa’s rise to the industry via Soundcloud, to her electronic music that has become popular on social media, especially TikTok. Mura Masa has definitely been dominating the music industry in recent years.

Mura Masa’s latest album ‘Demon Time’ features an incredible list of featured artists including Shygirl, Lil Uzi Vert, PinkPantheress, Gretel Hänlyn, slowthai, Erika de Casier, Pa Salieu and many more.

An industry-renowned artist on the Forbes under-thirty list, a platinum-selling, Grammy-winning artist, also an artist who has reached more than two billion streams and has made the headlines of incredible venues, including the Alexandra Palace, as well as the upcoming events taking place later this month. amazing Coachella Gig.

Now listen to Mura Masa’s latest single, ‘Whenever I Want’. A truly do-it-all artist, he’s even launching his own training plan in 2020 ‘3T focused on helping underrepresented bands in the touring and live industry.

Mura Masa continues to develop new and exciting music in the industry by adding new ones to her incredible portfolio with her latest single ‘Whenever I Want’.

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