Niall Horan Unveils Vevo’s ‘Extended Gaming’ Performance Series


Niall Horan starring in the first episode vevo‘s newly released live performance series “Extended Play”. Premiering today, the series invites artists to showcase their songwriting and music productions by candidly exhibiting their songs in various locations.

Horan offers simplified renditions of songs like “You Should Start a Cult”, “On a Night Like Tonight” and more from his new album “”.Show“Fans can expect to see and hear Horan’s creative process in the multi-song series and its reflections on his final album cycle.

“Performing live is my favorite thing,” Horan said. “It’s a great feeling to see the songs I’ve spent so much time with from start to finish. Shooting these performances with Vevo was a truly special experience. I was able to go back to where I made the music, a part of California that I love very much and have spent a lot of time in my career. It’s nice for me to have these great songs played in a friendly atmosphere.”

All episodes of “Extended Play” begin the same way: in a constantly evolving field of connection in different locations, audiences are shown the evolution of the music and workflow through improvisation sessions, reworking of lyrics, re-tuned arrangements and melodies.

“This is an opportunity for artists to express the deeper meaning behind their art and linger with a certain precision while doing so, which can be a daunting task for those who are ‘open’ during the performance,” said JP Evangelista, Senior Vice President, Vevo. content, programming and marketing.

Chris Pereira, Vevo’s executive producer, added, “It was important to us to work with an artist who understood the very specific vision we were trying to capture: the intimate, behind-the-scenes moments that are most important for putting on a bigger, bigger show. While times are usually quieter, that silence always has an incredibly different appeal – it’s when artists can truly be themselves, and that’s the true beauty of ‘Extended Play’.”

Niall previously worked with Vevo in 2019 and released studio performances of “Nice to Meet Ya” and “Put A Little Love On Me”.

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