Object Thrown From Audience Hits Harry Styles’ Last Musician

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The disturbing trend continues, with objects thrown from the audience hitting musicians on stage. harry styles be the last victim

An unidentified object hurled by an audience caught Styles’ eyes at a concert in Vienna on Saturday. Visibly hurt, Styles bent down, covered his face, and walked off the stage.

This isn’t the first time the “As Is” singer has been hit by objects. Skittles was showered during a performance in Los Angeles last year. Also last year, Styles on Saturday night at one of his 15 get-togethers at Madison Square Garden in New York. was showered with chicken wings and briefly stopped the show to address the “very interesting approach”.

Saturday rain is just the latest of such events this year. At a June concert in New York, baby rexha it was phone hit in the face and ran off the stage, leaving her with a black eye. The NYPD determined that “a 27-year-old man intentionally threw his cell phone” at Rexha. She was later arrested and charged with assault, she. the day after that, AvaMax She was slapped by a concert goer who ran onto the stage during her LA show. Kelsea Ballerina Recently, an object crashed in Idaho.

Adel Have you called the trend. During a recent “Weekends With Adele” show, she said: “Do you notice how people are forgetting show etiquette right now? People throwing shit on the stage, have you seen them? Adele asked the crowd at her Las Vegas home with a tee gun in her hand.

“I dare you. I’ll kill you if you dare throw anything at me,” he joked through a video shot by his fans.

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