Olivia Rodrigo Announces New Song ‘Vampire’

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olivia rodrigo She returned with her brand new single “Vampire” on June 30.

He announced the song on social media, with artwork displaying a black and white profile photo of Rodrigo with two purple band-aids around his neck. Produced through Geffen Records, the song marks Rodrigo’s first original soundtrack since 2021’s album “Sour”.

According to a press release, “‘Vampire’ is the voice of an artist firmly in control, filled with a sense of maturity and bold self-confidence… Rodrigo co-wrote with his trusted “Sour” collaborator Dan Nigro.

Rodrigo had previously made fun of the new music on social media, uploading a mirror selfie with a calendar marked June 30 with a heart in the background. On May 21, the second anniversary of his debut album “Sour,” Rodrigo sent a note to fans via his newsletter: “I’m thinking about all the wonderful things that have happened since ‘Sour’ today and I look fORward 2 anything to beat.” (Yes, “OR 2”, short for his second album, was deliberately capitalized and bolded.)

At the beginning of June, Rodrigo’s website home page Converted to a timer that counts down until June 30.

before instagram postRodrigo assured his fans, “new things are so close to being made, I promise.”

Rodrigo reunites with “Sour” producer Nigro for his sophomore work. Billboard saying last year“We have a very good groove together. We always exchange ideas and take time to work together in the studio. I trust him a lot and I really enjoy the music we make.”

Rodrigo also confirmed that he continues to write music in his bedroom, as he did on “Sour.”

More recently, Rodrigo posted a clip on Instagram Stories showing him and Nigro working on a piano-based piece.

Rodrigo won three Grammy awards for best new artist in 2022, a pop vocal album for “Sour”, and song of the year for the groundbreaking song “Drivers License” that brought him to pop stardom.

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