Olivia Rodrigo Gets Bloody In ‘Vampire’ Music Video

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olivia rodrigo Blood is flowing in the music video for her new single, “Vampire,” a gothic, piano-centric piece about a certain “fame”.

First single from the upcoming sophomore album “bravery“Vampire” begins as a ballad in which Rodrigo sings in an ethereal field of flowers. As the song rises towards the chorus, Rodrigo’s vocals grow stronger and he sings in his distinctive belt: “Bloodsucker, celebrity / I’m running dry like a fucking vampire.”

The Petra Collins-directed music video later sees Rodrigo being hit by a falling light – which also triggers a tempo change – as it is revealed that Rodrigo is actually performing on stage at an awards show. Suffering from a nasty cut on his shoulder, Rodrigo continues to perform as the rhythm continues, blood smearing his face and white dress.

“You said it was true love/ But wouldn’t it be hard?/ You can’t love anyone/ ‘Because that means you have a heart,” sings Rodrigo on the bridge, introduced by a rapidly beating synthesizer. As security tries to accompany him as he descends from the stage, Rodrigo rushes into the streets and eventually ascends into the night sky.

“I was upset about a certain situation and went to the studio by myself and sat at the grand piano and the chords, the melody and the lyrics poured out of me – almost like an out-of-body experience,” Rodrigo said in a speech. Commentary on “Vampire” “It’s a song about feeling confused and hurt, and at first I thought it was a piano ballad. But when Dan and I started working on it, we juxtaposed the lyrics with these big drums and crazy tempo changes. So it’s like a heartbreak song that you can dance to now.”

Rodrigo’s debut album “Sour” in 2021, the sequel to “Guts” will be released on September 20. #8 “Sour” collaborator via Geffen Records Dan Nigro he is also the producer of “Guts,” a project to address the “growing pains” that Rodrigo has experienced since stepping into megastardom with his groundbreaking song “Drivers License.”

Watch the official music video below.

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