Opus Kink – ‘1 – 18’ — When The Horn Blows

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“OPUS KINK and ‘1:18’ – Eerie, Insane and Loud Cacophony

Opus Kink’s latest single, “1:18”, sees the team expand their wild brand even further. post-punk with transitions to more moody, melody-driven areas. There are some nice experiments that the team invites into their sound. All the unique components of an Opus Kink track are still there: angular guitars, a ridiculously manic woodwind section, stimulating drums and the lead singer’s surging vocals, yet it still feels like a more thoughtful approach to melody and sonic texture, and a nice search. eleven noise and cacophony.

The piece opens with a hypnotic, rotating synthesis melody that anchors the entire piece to the ground. In fair contrast to his previous efforts, this is the most depressing introduction to an Opus Kink piece yet. Didgeridoo-esque synth snakes surround the distinctive synth melody, and behind it, wetting the entrance with a heavy ominous murmur. The pioneer’s partially spoken/ partially sung/ partially howled vocals emerge soon after and set the song to an angry tempo. Drums appear suddenly, informing the current song tempo. In stark contrast to the more pessimistic synths, it’s fast and loud, and we’re only in the entrance zone here.

But when the first verse comes towards you, you hear a mix of different sounds. The main synth line remains sinister (in fact, almost the entire track is there), but the drums swirl around syncopation and it, turning the entire track into an eerie post-punk dance affair. Meanwhile, there is a driven guitar playing the melody of the brass section that will soon enter the front chorus, and the soloist’s snarling, preaching vocals from a frenzied altar swarm in a complacent, ignorant world.

There’s an intensity to this piece that makes it completely different from previous Opus Kink efforts. After ‘Dust’, which I bet was a spacer between ‘Till The Stream Runs Dry’ and the future Opus Kink sound we can only speculate on, the definitive surprise of this track was somehow well-founded. There were hints of an emerging sound in ‘Dust’ (particularly noticeable in the middle eight), but the essence of their first EP seemed to capture the track. If ‘1:18’ shows anything about Opus Kink, it’s a continuation of the chaotic sound that the music community has come to appreciate and their willingness to experiment with sound forward.”

by words Harry Meenagh

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