Opus Kink – ‘Children’ — When The Horn Blows

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Nightmare fuel: Opus Kink gets twisted in their new release ‘Children’.

Another move by the Brighton-based band, and this time they’ve abandoned Tarantella in favor of broken beats, seductively haunting brass and vibrating, disturbing synths.

As we heard on their latest release ‘Dust’, Opus Kink’s upcoming EP is ‘My Eyes, Brother!’ There seems to be no shortcomings in the thread-based approach for They seem willing to expand into any territory they enjoy. You can still hear remnants of those Latin influences, but the storm around him has a different side; more sinister and psychotic, the attack is jarring, overwhelming but undeniably ecstatic.

“On the stairs, the key to my heart/ We raised a child, we smashed it/ I let love show its horrors/ All my failures fit like a glove”

Angus Rogers could probably write a song about any topic and it would sound awful. It could be a failed marriage, a neglected child, or a torturer and his subject… It’s not about any of that. According to Rogers, it’s “a song about how hard it is to be an artist who makes funny little things and then throws them into the void”. What better way to express this than with a cacophony of chaos that spans a claustrophobic expanse?

I cannot forgive myself for what I am about to do. I am reborn every night just to see it to the end”. Anyone who has ever been to an Opus Kink concert knows what that means, their performances feel like a debauchery fantasy, they are intense and choppy, for which they have to pay a price in their body and mind. The entire group will attack as if they were the last throughout the set. Sweaty, drooling, full of humor and sobriety. If you haven’t seen them live, you just have to.

by words Ruben Jones Nall

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