Rebecca Ferguson, “The X Factor”: ITV Doesn’t Investigate Allegations


english singer Rebecca Ferguson you disclosed it ITV He refused to conduct an internal investigation after allegations that he had a “traumatic experience” on “The X Factor” in 2010.

Ferguson shared on social media on Wednesday screenshots of the alleged correspondence with media regulator Ofcom from 2021 and a detailed letter sent to ITV.

In the letter, Ferguson said he “had a traumatic experience away from the cameras and had not only witnessed, but witnessed, horrific fouls from various directions.”

The singer said she was “necessary” to sign two contracts, a management and recording contract, and believed she would be kicked out of the show if she didn’t. “As I didn’t know the management team I was supposed to sign, I wasn’t given a copy of the terms and conditions of the contract – just the signature sheet.” Ferguson also claims that he was not given independent legal advice or access to a lawyer.

It continues to provide four protection protocols for reality show contestants, including independent legal advice, “freedom of artist choice,” competitor welfare, and after-show care. It also calls for an internal investigation into “The X Factor,” which stretches from its 2004 premiere to 2021.

On Wednesday, Ferguson wrote on his official Twitter page: “I was denied by ITV and OFCOM, no investigation was conducted, and my concerns were futile… Now I am open to contact if they want to follow up on my private complaint.” since I have made my complaint public.”

ITV and Ofcom both confirmed Variation They said they were in contact with Ferguson at the time.

Ferguson previously talked about Simon Cowell’s experience on Syco Television’s “The X Factor,” and Fremantle. In 2021, he wrote a letter to then-Cultural Secretary Oliver Dowden, calling for parliamentary action that could result in an “overhaul” of the music industry.

A press release issued at the time detailed that Ferguson had contacted “a major publisher” and Ofcom, asking them “to investigate the treatment and processes involved in hiring artists.”

Ferguson finished Season 7 of “The X Factor” in second place in 2010 and signed a joint contract with Cowell’s Syco Records and Epic Records. He released his first album “Heaven” in 2011.

Ferguson’s allegations against ITV come amid a turbulent period for the broadcaster, who is dealing with the consequences of “This Morning” co-host Philip Schofield’s dramatic departure from the show. The longtime host, one of ITV’s main talents, left the morning show after confessing to an affair with a young runner.

ITV has now launched an external review that will investigate its own “relevant processes and policies”. (The broadcaster had previously investigated the relationship between Schofield and the runner, whose name the UK media has not named, in 2019, but both parties denied the rumors of an affair and the investigation was closed.)

In a long statement about the allegations shared by Ferguson, VariationITV defended its care protocols, saying it was “committed to having appropriate processes to protect the mental health and well-being of program participants.”

“We have continued to refine and strengthen our approach, and we expect all producers of commissioned programs to have appropriate procedures in place to take care of the mental health as well as the physical safety of program participants,” the statement said.

“These processes and procedures will differ from program to program to ensure that the well-being of all participants in ITV programs is properly protected. While the practical and detailed processes needed to manage participant well-being on every show should be up to the producers themselves, as a broadcaster and content broker, ITV provides guidance on what we consider best practice: selecting participants before shooting, supporting them during filming. continuous support up to and after shooting and broadcasting of the program.

“We stressed that the well-being of participants at ITV is of the highest priority, as reflected in our correspondence with Rebecca, our Care Role Charter, and the detailed guidance introduced in 2019. The number of attendees is adequately maintained across all of our programs. responded with information provided to us by the producers detailing their arrangements for maintenance, legal advice and management.

Meanwhile, Ofcom said it met with Ferguson virtually in 2021, possibly due to the pandemic. “We listened carefully to the extent of her concerns about the treatment of contestants during her time on The X Factor in 2010,” the statement said.

“In these posts, we explained in detail our authorities and how our broadcasting rules are implemented. “We also clarified that our legal mandate set by Parliament means that our fairness rules do not cover contractual matters or conditions imposed on participants by broadcasters, but only broadcast content. We have suggested possible ways for Ms Ferguson to raise her complaints to ITV and the relevant authorities.”

Elsewhere, a Fremantle spokesperson for “The X Factor” added: “The duty of care is extremely important to us and we always take the welfare of our contributors very seriously. There were robust safeguards, including a dedicated welfare team of psychologists, physicians, welfare producers, and independents, to ensure that they were supported throughout and beyond. Legal and management counselors with no time limits for aftercare after the show aired. These measures are continually reviewed. “We’ve always been proactive in adapting and updating them for future dramas to reflect the needs of the show.”

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