Rhino Begins Audiophile Record Series with Albums by Cars and Coltrane

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Rhino Records launches a quarterly limited edition series vinyl Streams aimed at appealing to LP-loving audiophiles with recordings cut directly from analogue sources by one of the most respected names in the mastering business, kevin gray. The first two editions of the Rhino High Fidelity series, both coming out today, carsself-titled debut album from 1978 and John Coltrane1964 album “Coltrane’s Sound”.

It won’t be a high-volume series: Publications will be limited to 5,000 numbered copies, with only two new books coming out every three months. Each catalog album will feature vintage-style glossy, foldable, “tipped” jackets cut from original analogue tapes by Gray, pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and complementary printed inserts featuring modern essays or interviews. .

The launch of the series represents an interest in which some record companies are trying to release their own audiophile-targeted albums rather than licensing them to outside companies specializing in high-quality vinyl. Making Gray the face of the series tells hardcore collectors that Rhino means business, even though the output is slow and deliberate.

“It will be an honor to master this series,” Gray said in a statement. There’s so much variety to explore in the Rhino catalog – everything from jazz to rock to R&B. Rhino has a very deep catalog spanning fifty years. The possibilities are incredible. I look forward to them all.”

“It’s like being in your studios,” said Easton, guitarist for Cars from the band’s Rhino High Fidelity album. It’s like listening to a studio recording… It blew my mind.”

Easton spoke with Patrick Milligan, Gray and Rhino’s senior vice president of A&R, at a special event in downtown LA on Tuesday, along with press and other industry guests to kick off the series. After “The Cars” played out loud for attendees at the party at Common Wave, Easton joked that the band were often told they should rename their debut album “Greatest Hits”.

“Coltrane’s Sound,” part of John Coltrane’s Rhino High Fidelity series

As supplementary material, the Cars debut includes an interview with Easton about the hardware used on the album and follow-up notes from producer Roy Thomas Baker, while the Coltrane album includes an interview with famed producer Tom Dowd, who served as the follow-up engineer. The ’64 edition, with printed material representing the major bands.

Rhino said the company will announce the next pair of albums to debut in the High Fidelity franchise next week.

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