Sam Ryder Performs ‘Ted Lasso’ Live at Grammy Museum


In the penultimate episode “ted lasso” Season 3, “Mom City” features sam ryderThe song “Fought & Lost” co-written with Tom Howe, Jamie Hartman and Ryder.

The song that plays towards the end of the episode serves as a bridge as Ted (Jason Sudeikis), who has a heartfelt confrontation with his mother, Dottie (Becky Ann Baker). The next day, he is in his office to reveal a “truth bomb” to Rebecca, but the credits roll over before the audience gets a response.

Ryder performed the piece before an audience at the Grammy Museum in Downtown Los Angeles at a private event attended by show star Hannah Waddingham.

“The song works for the stage most of the time, but it’s not placed correctly,” says music supervisor Tony Von Pervieux of the show’s overall soundtrack.

But the song of the Eurovision star fits perfectly.

It was a song about coming back from a defeat and continuing to fight. She sings, “We wanted so badly that we gave everything we had. Oh, but wanting doesn’t always make it yours. This time it was ours to lose. But fortune favors those who have weathered and weathered the storm.”

Ryder said, “You know the feeling that something else is at stake? You are very lucky if you touch it at that moment. The final vocal was like a patchwork quilt made in many different studios. He continues, “I think it comes down to keeping things fresh, being thankful and reminding yourself how lucky you are. If your spark is music, you hit the jackpot.”

When brought to Sudeikis he immediately loved it.

Von Pervieux said, “My job is to go after these songs. Ideally, what I would do is read the script from start to finish, make sure these songs are understandable, and if there are any issues, I bring it up and offer other ideas. We wanted to create music that truly engages and evokes emotions in your audience. second version [of Fought & Lost] It was a good study group.

Composer Tom Howe, who weaves his composition into the music, says that as the seasons pass, he finds the composition relatively easy. “You have a lot of thematic material that has accumulated over the last two seasons. Easier if you’ve been at a show for a long time. After spending one season, two seasons, and entering season three, there is a level of familiarity and confidence.”

Watch the performance above.

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