‘Shucked’ Composer Brandy Clark Speaks on Musical’s LGBTQ Representation

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Shucked‘ co-composer Brandy Clark says the ultimate goal of the Tony-nominated musical is to provide audiences with pure joy. Mixed is also a great representation of queer.

Clark told me during a phone call, “I’ve always thought it was hard to hate something you know and love, and it’s a lot easier to just hate an idea or something you heard about and should be afraid of.” Drama Desk Awards in New York City, where he and co-composer Shane McAnally were presented with an outstanding music award. “I guess if you walk out of ‘Shucked’ with a little bit of hatred in your heart, I don’t know if I can help you. You’re probably a descendant of Hitler.”

Clark and McAnally are weird, as are the series’ book author, Robert Horn. “It was always important to us,” Clark says of LGBTQ characters and themes. “But it’s grown exponentially as we go through the process.”

Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally at the Broadway Premiere of “Shucked” at the Nederlander Theater in New York on April 4, 2023.
Nina Westervelt for diversity

Star Alex Newell and “Some Like It Hot” star J. Harrison Ghee made history as the first non-duo actors to be nominated. Tony’s.

“Shucked” won nine Tonys, including best musical. “I didn’t think we’d be at Tonys,” Clark said. “Sometimes I thought I might be in an asylum with ‘Shucked’. It was such a journey. But do you know? It makes everything sweeter as there are ups and downs. It makes you feel like everything is worthwhile for now.

Not surprisingly, there is talk of a movie or television series adaptation. “The thought that we’re going to achieve this is exciting because we love working together,” Clark says. “This means we can continue to work on ‘Shucked’ a bit more.”

Tonys airs on CBS on June 11 and airs on Paramount+. The Writers Guild of America gave the show a strike exemption, promising not to strike on Broadway’s biggest night of the year.

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