Sia Reveals ‘I’m On The Autism Spectrum’


sia revealed in the new episode “Rob Has A Podcast” (via People) A statement two years after the pop star that he is on the autism spectrum the response produced for casting a neurotypical actor (often collaborator Maddie Ziegler) as a verbally autistic teenage girl in her directorial debut “Music.”

“I’m on spep and in recovery and whatever – a lot of things,” Sia said, adding, “For 45 years, I was like, ‘I have to go and put on my human clothes.’ And only in the last two years have I become completely, completely myself.”

While Sia had previously discussed being sober and entering rehab for alcohol abuse, she was the first to publicly discuss being on the autism spectrum. She said she was relieved to “know what neuroatypicality”. [she] may or may not have.”

“No one can know and love you when you are full of secrets and… living in shame,” Sia added. “And when we finally sit in a room full of strangers and tell them our deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secrets and everyone laughs with us and for the first time in our lives we don’t feel like pieces of garbage and we feel seen for who we really are for the first time in our lives and then we go out into the world and just We can start acting as people and as people with hearts and pretending to be nothing.

Sia’s 2021 film “Music” follows a newly sober drug dealer (Kate Hudson) who reconnects with her younger, nonverbal autistic half-sister (Ziegler). Several members of the autism community spoke out New York Times condemned the film prior to its release and for Ziegler’s cast and portrayal of autism in the film.

Ashley Wool described Sia’s film as “something that actively harms people”, while actor Chloé Hayden added that Sia’s cast “undermines the abilities of autistic people and makes us look like babies”. Second, if your movie is about inclusiveness, but you’re not making the actual movie set inclusive, that totally underestimates the whole point.”

Film critics also criticized the film. Matthew Rose Living room Joseph Stanichar described the film as “an astonishing and arrogant revel of firm lovers”. Paste “Doing research on the problematic aspects of the movie and writing an article before it was released didn’t prepare me for how harmful ‘Music’ is to people with autism.”

Yes, who announced last year Ziegler’s cast initially argued that he had become suicidal and went to rehab amid the film’s backlash. to Australia’s 10 News First (via Yahoo Entertainment) said she “actually tried to work with a wordless beautiful young girl on the spectrum”, but “found it unpleasant and stressful” because the character, as written, was so demanding. In the film, Ziegler’s character is at the center of elaborate fantasy dance sequences.

“The character is based entirely on my neuro-atypical friend,” Sia added. “She found being wordless very stressful, and I made this movie with nothing but love for her and her mother.”

sia was later announced The movie was going to be released with a warning. “Lo prometho [I] I’m listening,” he wrote on Twitter. “The motion picture ‘Music’ will make the following warning at the beginning of the movie: ‘Music does not recommend the use of condoms or restraints in any way for autistic people. There are autistic occupational therapists who specialize in sensory processing that can be consulted to explain safe ways to provide proprioceptive, deep pressure feedback to assist with meltdown safety.’”

Sia later tweeted an apology, possibly targeting members of the autism community who objected to her movie. Meanwhile, Hudson told Jimmy Kimmel that around the same time, the film created “an important conversation to have.”

“You know when people see the movie, they’re going to see the amount of love and sensitivity put into it,” Hudson said. “When I hear someone feel left out, I feel bad… This is not a good-sounding conversation. It’s an important ongoing dialogue about neurotypical actors playing neuro-diverse characters… It has to be a constant conversation.”

“Music” broke the box office with a reported production budget of $16 million and grossing just $645,000.

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