Singer Wrabel Sings New LGBTQ Pride Anthem with AT&T


musician Wrabel He remembers being at a strange event in Nashville shortly after the Tennessee Governor. Bill Lee passed anti-LGBTQ laws, including unprecedented bans on drag performances.

There [were] 15-20 transvestites sing ‘I’m Every Woman’, sobbing,” Wrabel said. Variation. “It affected me there… even in the midst of this law being passed, [the] The event was filled with joy, smiling, laughing, crying, dancing and singing.”

For Wrabel, seeing that the community “could still dance, fight, sing and feel that connection” amid such dark times was a reminder of the power LGBTQ people have been surrounding.

The hatred towards the community is high, something Wrabel believes comes from the place of “fear”.

i think a lot [of the attacks] The 34-year-old Los Angeles-based artist hails from fear. “It’s the fear of the unknown or something you don’t understand. They want to completely invalidate that it doesn’t happen, queer people.”

That’s why Wrabel explains that joining AT&T was important to him. pride “Raise Love” campaign to “give hope” to the queer community. “I try to hold that weight and give hope as much as I can, and this song was a nice phone call that allowed me to do that,” she said. “The intention behind the campaign is something I am very passionate about. Anything I can do for the queer community is a quick yes for me. Always.”

Wrabel’s “Turn Up the Love” benefits The Trevor Project, and all broadcast proceeds go to a nonprofit that serves as a mental health resource for LGBTQ people. “There were times in my life when I needed help and didn’t know how to get it,” Wrabel said. “I’m so grateful we have such good resources as Project Trevor… I think it’s absolutely priceless.”

While the political fate in the US is worrying, Wrabel believes the “resistance and unity” of queer people will overcome any conflict the community may face. “They can’t win because you can’t invalidate an entity,” he said. “You can’t crush something that’s real and true, and we won’t let that happen.”

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