Skrillex, Fred Again and Four Tet Close Coachella


electronic music dream team Skrillex, Fred Again, and Four Tet – recently played a five-hour set at Madison Square Garden that was received with enthusiasm. – will close cocoella At the festival this weekend, a representative of the trio confirmed.

The group will follow Blink-182. Variation when it appears it will fill the vacant place Frank Ocean announces he won’t be playing in the second weekend, on the main stage on Sunday night, in the slot marked “TBD” in the program the festival shared on social media early Thursday. Ocean’s first set in six years was marred by controversy after a major planned production involving an ice rink was canceled at the last minute, allowing the singer to play a musically sound but erratic and low-energy set. .

Last year, Coachella doubled down when planned lead actor Kanye West pulled out shortly before the festival’s opening day: Already in one headline but billed in an unlisted time slot, the Swedish House Mafia played a team set with The Weeknd in its week. place.

The tag team set will likely be energetic and long. Variation wrote in it Skrillex-Fred Again-Four Tet review show: “Although Skrillex Arguably the biggest performer in terms of social media reach and Spotify listeners, it’s clear that the trio came together like an EDM Voltron, spending most of the set laughing, singing, hugging, gassing each other and making the crowd scream. names. Their tastes blended in with an inclusive voice, echoing the community spirit that so often captured the crowd at dance performances as they handed control of the boards to each other. As the set closed around midnight, the focus was on topics such as “I didn’t know Four Tet’s stuff was coming, but I need to check it out” or “I wasn’t a big Skrillex fan, but working with Fred impressed me”. it really opened it up for me.’”

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