Sky Ferreira and Capitol Records Have Apparently Parted Ways


Nearly 10 years to the date that she released her debut album “Night Time, My Time” on Capitol Records, Sky Ferreira is apparently a free agent after years of public disputes with the label.

Earlier today, fans took notice that Ferreira is no longer listed on Capitol’s website roster, fueling speculation that she had parted ways with the company. While that may not be a smoking gun, it is often the only outward sign that a label and artist have parted ways.

A rep for Capitol declined to confirm the news; a rep for Ferreira did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The 31-year-old has long been signed to Capitol, where she called home since she was a teenager. But since releasing “Night Time, My Time” in Oct. 2013, which alone was plagued with delays and false starts, she has stated in interviews that Capitol frequently sabotaged her career, including failure to provide financial support for tours, leaving some of her music off streaming platforms and refusing to work with her based on her reputation.

News of her departure from Capitol comes in the wake of recent public support to liberate her from Capitol. With echoes of the “Free Fiona” campaign that saw fans protesting Epic Records for its alleged similar treatment of Fiona Apple, fans recently purchased a digital billboard in Times Square stating “Free Sky Ferreira.” She has long promised the release of her sophomore album “Masochism,” which she time and time again has said would arrive almost every year but never materialized.

Last year, her fan base got a treat when she released “Don’t Forget,” an ‘80s-indebted single that some speculated was a rebuke of Capitol, with lyrics like “Don’t forget / Oh no, I won’t forget / I don’t forgive.” In the wake of its release, she once again promised that it signaled an imminent release of “Masochism,” yet the waiting game continued.

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