Sony Music Announces Music Women* Germany 2023 Female* Producer Winners


sony music and Music Women* Germany The nationwide umbrella music organization (MW*G), composed of self-identified women and non-binary individuals, announced the 2023 winners of the Female* Producer Award.

The award aims to support and advance the careers of self-identified female producers across the country.

Among the winners are Mimski, who won the Novembars competition and is currently working on her debut album to be released on RUNTLIFE Records; German/Kurdish singer and producer Evîn in alternative R&B that combines Kurdish roots with elements from different genres such as soul and hip-hop; and Kota No Uta, which mainly works in jazz, soul and neo and has recently released a song called “Autumn Leaves”.

Also among the winners are Chinese-German producer, singer and DJ Mona Yim, who made her 2022 debut with remixes of Glass Animals and DJ Seinfeld; Aufmischen, whose productions were heard on the album of the poet artist Dshamilja Roshani and the EP of the pop singer Pieke; Sheyda Minia, an Iranian artist discovered by Mehrzad Marashi, CEO of Impulse-Records GmbH, which she has produced since then; and his first single “Toxic Culture” has already reached more than 1 million streams by Just Honest and his debut album “No Love No Hate” is on the way.

Winners will receive a support package consisting of production grants, music equipment vouchers and a producer workshop at Sony Music Germany’s Circle Studios. They will also be added to the Female Producer Records at Sony Music and NEUBAU Music Management and contact various labels and artists. Newly added partners are Sony Music Publishing and Female* Producer Collective, which will also offer coaching sessions.

Jovanka vs. Wilsdorf, who initiated the Female* Producer Award, said: “The exceptionally high level of over 150 submissions and great response this year has shown not only how late the Female* Producer Award has been, but, above all, how many competent and forward-thinking female music producers are out there. Visibility develops a brilliance that creates measurable success.”

Yim added: “The Female* Producer Award is incredibly important in creating greater visibility and a greater platform for female and non-binary producers. There are many talented female producers who have perfected the technical side of production as well as their creative skills, and they deserve to be heard and seen.”

Sarah Schneider, head of A&R at Sony Music Columbia Records Germany, said: “More women and non-duo producers means more perspective. This is proven once again by the outstanding quality of the many applications received. As a record label, we want to apply industry-wide approaches and tools to actively move forward to create a change in the status quo.”

The Female* Producer Award is sponsored by the Reeperbahn Festival (sponsored by the Federal Government’s Culture and Media Commissioner) and supported by Thomann, Ableton, Neubau, The Female* Producer Collective, Sony Music and Sony Music Publishing.

The award ceremony and workshop day will be held on September 9 in Berlin. 14.

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