Sony Music Middle East Appointments Rami Mohsen General Manager


sony music Middle East appointed Rami Mohsen, a veteran regional music manager who previously worked at Spotify, as the new general manager.

Prior to joining Sony Music Middle East, Mohsen was music executive for Spotify’s Middle East, North Africa and South Asia division. In this capacity, he was instrumental in leading Spotify’s music and content strategies, as well as raising the company’s profile in the MENA region.

Mohsen began his career at Nogoum FM, a leading radio station in Egypt and the Middle East, where he rose through the ranks to become network director of both Nogoum FM and Nogoum FMTV units. In this role, he successfully managed radio programming and music production while overseeing the company’s overall operations.

During his tenure at the radio station, Mohsen started the NRP production unit dedicated to in-house content creation. The vertical integration of content production has also led to the establishment of Nogoum Records, which is currently considered one of the top music companies in the MENA region.

Mohsen’s appointment as Sony Music’s Middle East chief comes at a time when the MENA region recorded the world’s third-highest growth rate in 2022, with recorded music revenues up 23.8% to $94 million, according to the IFPI 2023 Global Music Report. . Streaming accounts for the vast majority of the market, accounting for 95.5% of total revenue.

“We are delighted to welcome Rami to the Sony Music Middle East team,” said Shridhar Subramaniam, the company’s head of corporate strategy and market development for Asia and the Middle East.

“With his progressive outlook on industry trends, deep passion for the arts and determined leadership style, Rami is well positioned to take Sony Music Middle East to new heights.” “His background in business and market strategy will be invaluable in meeting the evolving demands of the industry and showcasing the diverse sounds and traditions that make the region’s musical scene one-of-a-kind,” Subramaniam continued.

Mohsen said: “The musical culture of the region holds a special place in my heart and we have outstanding musicians and performers whose art deserves worldwide recognition. My priority is to celebrate and preserve this unique musical heritage as we launch a new wave of music and creativity.”

“With the talented team at Sony Music Middle East, our goal is to create musical experiences that resonate not only locally, but globally,” he added.

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