Sophie May – ‘Doppleganger’ — When The Horn Blows


Sophie May sums up her late-night overthinking moments in her stunning new track “Doppelganger.”

Sophie May is a 24-year-old aspiring artist with a dedicated online following of 260,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 200,000 followers on TikTok.

His hypnotic vocals whispered in Doppelgänger tell the story of how he recognized himself in photographs of his beloved ex-girlfriend.

“We look so alike // Sisters from another life // We look so related // You’re embarrassed to say it.”

This wonderful and painfully beautiful concept for a song epitomizes those anxious, uncomfortable feelings you get when you realize you look so much like an ex-girlfriend. Produced by Josh Scarbrow (Arlo Parks, Matt Maltese), the calming guitar and main melody carry the song and stay true to its light but sad theme. The second half of the track evokes passion, brings texture and draws us in, with the introduction of stronger bass and drums and high-backing vocals. But the general feeling is still there, sadness, longing, pain, sadness.

In her own words, Sophie talks about the situation showcased in the piece “Doppelgänger,” a melodramatic interpretation of the feeling that all your partner’s exes look like you. Diving deep into the universal feelings of jealousy and throwing all rational judgments out the window. The single epitomizes that moment of indulgence when you go way back (and pay for it later) on a former partner’s Facebook page.”

Sophie May continues her impressive entry into the music scene with her biggest headline show to date at London’s Omeara on May 23.

If you liked Sophie’s movie “Doppelgänger” then you are in luck because a new study group is coming out this summer.

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