SoundCloud’s “First On SoundCloud” Announces 2023 Achievements (EXCLUSIVE)


sound cloud will support the careers of five promising artists with the six-month acceleration program “First on SoundCloud”. Representing the dramatic evolution of genres ranging from Brooklyn bass to Algorave, computer-generated music, this year’s selections are all over the map when it comes to sound.

Together with Sony, SoundCloud has selected the following artists to receive creative support from the platform’s in-house tools for music discovery: wolffacejoeyy, DJ_Dave, Nitepunk, Sojabrat, and sim0ne. Find out more about their history below.

“First on SoundCloud” was launched in 2018 and later expanded in 2021 to a one-year program working directly with each artist to engage new audiences and strengthen bonds with existing fans. The program has helped launch the careers of many established players who started on the platform, including Kehlani, Baby Rose, Peggy Gou, and Little Simz.

“First on SoundCloud has always been about empowering emerging artists and fostering music discovery for our listeners,” said Emmy Lovell, SoundCloud’s global head of music. “Partnering with Sony’s Audio Team is a big step forward in this mission. We are excited to unveil a new class of groundbreaking talent and embark on a shared roadmap to reach creative milestones, expand global fan bases and make a significant impact on each artist’s unique journey.”

Sony’s audio team is gearing up to roll out audio products and will allow the class of 2023 to get early access to beta tools (SoundCloud will offer similar access to beta tools) and pilot programs. They will also have the option to attend and participate in Sony’s annual creator camp and access to events hosted by Sony.

“The Sony Audio team is always looking to the future, and collaborating with SoundCloud on this artist acceleration program aligns with our mission to support music making and emerging artists with our latest products and tools,” said Sony’s Jordy Freed. “We hope to further strengthen this incredible talent group with our next brand platform and campaign that puts the creator’s vision first.”

Among the many services offered are: monthly one-on-one mentoring; sessions with various members of SoundCloud and Sony’s Audio team; fixed data and success criteria; a proprietary dashboard that monitors consumption; marketing tools and much more.

“First on SoundCloud” 2023:


20 years old, Wolfacejoeyy He has built a cult following on SoundCloud thanks to his production style and unique lyricism.

“SoundCloud was the first platform where I felt comfortable releasing my music when I was a younger artist. It was fun and exciting and still is today. He played an important role in my musical career where it is today. I am excited to be a part of FOSC and the journey ahead.”


DJ_Dave is an experimental electro-pop DJ based in NYC who creates music using code, a style called Algorave, and was one of the first to do so in a pop-sensitive context.

“Like so many other live code artists, I use SoundCloud as a place to share and try out new ideas. I started my career as an artist on SoundCloud and after growing so much as an artist I am so excited to have their support at this point in my career and I’m ready to bring some of these ideas that I’ve had since the beginning of life.”


A native of Brooklyn’s underground bass scene, Nitepunk is known for its break-beat-inspired beats and joins SoundCloud as soon as a full-length album is released on Hard Records.

“I’m really excited to be a part of FOSC and to learn from a team like SoundCloud that has helped the entire world, both underground and mainstream, create their own music scene and inspire millions of children. SoundCloud was always my first place to go to buy new music as a kid, and I can’t imagine what a great opportunity it was for me to learn from the people who started all this. More than half of leading electronic music probably wouldn’t exist today without SoundCloud.”


Soja’s honeyed vocals stand out in her mix of modern R&B and punchy rap rhythms.

“Thanks for this opportunity, SoundCloud. I am so excited to be a part of this journey! I look forward to connecting more with my supporters and day 1 fans.”


Right after the Rinse FM residence and HÖR Berlin appearance, Scottish DJ and producer sim0ne is busy touring for the rest of the year. Their mixes often boast choppy house and techno beats; most recently he rearranged Lana Del Rey’s “Say Yes to Heaven” with a flawed techno beat.

“I am excited to be selected for the FOSC program and to be working closely with SoundCloud over the coming months. This platform is so important to emerging artists as it allows them to share their work and build their own community, and I can’t wait to see what we can do together.”

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