‘Split Decisions’ — When The Horn Blows

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R&B artist KIANA has released their latest single, ‘Split Decisions’, inspired by the disturbing decision of leaving someone because you know they’re better off without you.

The Toronto-based R&B artist, known for his soulful and moody tunes, reflects KIANA themes of heartbreak in his songwriting, and that growth can be both painful and beautiful.

KIANA is both Iranian and Dutch, using their cultures to inspire its creation. KIANA has been played more than half a million times worldwide and has been featured in Rolling Stone and Teen Vogue. It also gains a lot of support through its Radio games, including local Toronto’s Flow 93.5 FM and Vibe 105.5 FM.

KIANA’s latest single, “Split Decisions”, is no different from its past attempts, its music being the perfect balance of both strength and fragility. ‘Split Decisions’ is the perfect blend of both, creating a feminine yet dominant song. It is both empowering and, in the most perfect way, heartbreaking.

‘Divided decisions’ is about putting the other person first, being selfless and brave even when you know that’s not what you want. Here is KIANA discussing the order of ‘Divided decisions’ – “Strings are almost like flashbacks reminiscent of memories and who that person was, and are vulnerable to the fact that when you let someone go you keep thinking about everything. you have, what could have been, and when the situation is over you learn to understand yourself and the other person better.

‘Split Decisions’ is basically a song about ‘When you have a feeling and a voice in your head, there’s nothing stronger than that’. – KIANA

A beautiful song that tells volumes about how the majority of the world has felt at some point in their lives and whether they can take action to end it, this tune will make you feel thoughtful and peaceful in the best possible way.

KIANA’s ‘Divided Decisions’ is out now and is worth every minute of your time.

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