Steve McQueen on the Greenpeace Team Fleetwood Mac Cover: Watch Video


A redesigned version Fleetwood Mac‘s all-time classic, “Don’t Stop” is the music of the environmental organization. green peace‘s new call to action.

Fleetwood Mac vocalist and keyboardist Christine McVie wrote the song from the 1977 hit album “Rumours” and previously granted the rights to use the song to Greenpeace. He died in 2022.

Created by Grammy-winning producer Fraser T SmithHaving worked with Stormzy, Adele, Dave and Drake with acclaimed British rapper Avelino (“God Save The Streets”), the song features instrumentation from the jazz talent development organization Tomorrow’s Warriors and vocals from the House Gospel Choir.

The song is accompanied by a short film produced by an Oscar-winning director. steve mcqueen (“12 Years a Slave”) was directed by Samona Olanipekun, McQueen’s apprentice from the Lammas Park productions, and stars Will Poulter (“Midsommar”, “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”).

The movie takes place at a lively but disturbing party that spirals out of control. “We are faced with the reality of our situation: greedy companies are partying like there is no tomorrow, and if they keep acting like this, there will be no tomorrow. But this is the darkness before dawn. “As the craze accelerates, people are waking up shaken as they face the urgency of the problem and the urgent need for change,” Greenpeace said in a statement describing the film.

The film will be screened on the main stages of the upcoming Glastonbury Festival over the weekend and will be used in place of the project’s branding, including tote bags: “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.”

The video was made available to a select group of journalists and supporters, including Benedict Cumberbatch, at Greenpeace’s London warehouse on Thursday.

McQueen said: “This short film is a remarkable look at the state of a world spiraling out of control. I am very proud to be involved in this project with Greenpeace and Samona, which once again shows what a talented writer and director he is. It captures the discomfort of corporations (especially oil and gas companies) and their facilitators harming the environment on our behalf, acting like there is no tomorrow, and manipulating the climate crisis for their sole benefit. But we have the collective power to realize a different future. It is imperative that people remember, no one is promised tomorrow.”

Greenpeace UK Executive Director Areeba Hamid added: “When you look at the state of the world that older generations have created, the oil companies partying like there is no tomorrow, the politicians watching as our house burns, it can be overwhelming. But the awareness and determination to save our planet, lives and livelihoods has never been stronger. People all over the world are incredibly worried about their future, but they have tremendous power. This film is a message of hope: demanding a better tomorrow is not only possible, it is critical.”

Watch the video here:

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