Suspected Killer of Departure Charged with Murder


accused man shooting and killing rapper Takeoff He was charged with murder by the Harris County grand jury on May 25, according to the county’s District Attorney’s Office.

Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, was arrested in Houston. last december after the police tied him up Subtract(real name: Kirsnik Khari Ball) sudden death on 1 November. The 28-year-old, himself and Quavo, his uncle and Friends bandmates were playing dice at around 2:30 that night.

Shortly after Clark was arrested, Sergeant Michael Burrow said at a press conference that he had an “innocent bystander” in the controversy that led to Takeoff’s shooting. Clark was later released. $1 million bond in January.

“The event was a private party, there was a lucrative dice game going on at the event, then an argument broke out outside the bowling alley that led to a gunfight,” he said. “I would say Takeoff wasn’t involved in the dice game, he wasn’t involved in the outside controversy, he wasn’t armed. He was an innocent bystander.”

Police said CCTV footage of Clark was seen holding a wine bottle in one hand, pulling a gun and firing multiple shots. KHOU 11 News Houston, citing court records. Authorities were able to identify Clark from the fingerprints he left on the bottle, and a forensic investigation was used to claim that Clark was the only person able to shoot Takeoff from the location of both men.

Offset and Quavo, who formed the Migos trio with Takeoff, are preparing to release their first full-length album since the murder committed in the near future. Quavo’s albumrocket powerWhile the offset was recently approved, it is dedicated to his deceased nephew. Variation Departure appears in one of his newer pieces posthumously. She also gave information about her relationship with grief.

“It’s hard for me to talk about shit right now. I never talked about these issues. Really. It’s hard to talk about Take, man. It’s hard to talk about all that bullshit, Offset said. “Honestly, that’s why I don’t want it. This shit hurts. It’s like it’s going to put me in a mode and I don’t want to go into that mode. Some things I never tell anyone. He’s not here. This shit feels fake, bro. I spend my day thinking it’s fake. And this I don’t say anything to anyone about it.”

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