Sweden Wins Eurovision Song Contest 2023

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Sweden won Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Swedish contestant Loreen won 583 points, leaving 25 countries behind with her song “Tattoo”. Winning means the competition will likely be held in Sweden next year.

Traditionally, the winning country hosts the next year’s competition.

Finland’s Käärijä was second with 526 points, followed by Noa Kirel from Israel with 362 points.

This year’s Eurovision, after being accepted, took place in Liverpool, England, on behalf of last year’s winner Ukraine. It’s too dangerous to organize Eurovision in the country after the Russian occupation. Kalush Orchestra with Ukrainian entry won last year’s competition England’s Sam Ryder followed him in second place.

Remarkably, it’s Loreen’s second Eurovision win: she had previously won the contest with her song “Euphoria” in 2012.

Run by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Eurovision features musical performances from all over Europe and from some countries outside of Europe, including Israel and Australia, which participate thanks to their EBU membership.

Eurovision was hosted by Alisha Dixon, the jury of “Britain’s Got Talent”, who turned from a rapper this year. “Ted Lasso” star Hannah WaddinghamUkrainian rock star Julia Sanina and long-time Eurovision commentator Graham Norton.

it was a show opened by a number of famous faces Including Catherine, Princess of Wales, Andrew Lloyd Webber, rapper Ms Banks, Joss Stone and last year’s winner Kalush Orchestra. There was also a performance by Sam Ryder, who came in second place last year, performing his new single “Mountain”, accompanied by Queen drummer Roger Taylor, as well as a number of former Eurovision contestants paying homage to some former Eurovision contestants. Liverpool’s most famous musicians.

Check out the full list of contenders for the 2023 competition below:

Teya & Salena (Austria) – “Who is Edgar?”
Mimicat (Portugal) – “Ai Coração”
Remo Forrer (Switzerland) – “Water Rifle”
Blanka (Poland) – “Alone”
Luke Black (Serbia) – “Samo Mi Se Spava”
La Zarra (France) – “Évidemment”
Andrew Lambrou (Cyprus) – “Break a Broken Heart”
Blanca Paloma (Spain) – “Eaea”
Loreen (Sweden) – “Tattoo”
Albina & Familja Kelmendi (Albania) – “Duje”
Marco Mengoni (Italy) – “Due Vite”
Alika (Estonia) – “Bridges”
Käärijä (Finland) – “Cha Cha Cha”
Vesna (Czech Republic) – “My Sister’s Crown”
Voyager (Australia) – “The Promise”
Gustaph (Belgium) – “Because of you”
Esmer (Armenia) – “Future Lover”
Pasha Parfani (Moldova) – “Soarele şi Luna”
TVORCHI (Ukraine) – “Heart of Steel”
Alessandra (Norway) – “Queen of Kings”
Master of Loss (Germany) – “Blood and Glitter”
Monika Linkytė (Lithuania) – “Stay”
Noa Kirel (Israel) – “Unicorn”
Joker Out (Slovenia) – “Carpe Diem”
Let 3 (Croatia) – “Mama ŠČ!”
Mae Muller (UK) – “I Wrote a Song”

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