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Edinburgh trio Swim School continues distribution with “Don’t Leave Me Behind”, the last single to precede the group’s new EP “Duality”.

The band’s new EP, set to be released on May 25, promises to be something special as the band showcases their many talents on previously released singles. From the bloated, aggressive “Delirious” to the equally brilliant but different “Don’t Leave Me Behind”.

The piece itself is so lyrically relatable to listeners everywhere. The harsh and simple words of the chorus repeat the title, quite simply saying, “Don’t leave me behind.” The piece has a real sense of sincerity, especially with these words.

Musically, the piece is excellent. The trio show once again how tight an outfit they really are. They make up the track perfectly where this needs to be. The opening, for example, brings in the lead vocals brilliantly, where listeners focus on the lyrics before the track becomes a beautiful sounding sequence once again.

As invented by NME, Swim School brilliantly performs ‘sparkly indie-pop’ on the latest single, with some pretty talented electronic sounds alongside classic indie sounds.

After a string of sold-out shows with the Pixies and Lovejoy, the Edinburgh trio continue to go from strength to strength and show no sign of giving up; left fans impatient for the release of their new EP.

The second EP ‘Duality’ will be huge for the band and the tracks released before it are simply amazing. Following the EP’s release, the band announced a London headline show on May 30 that would be the perfect opportunity for fans (new and old) to hear new tracks.

by words Matthew Caslin

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