Takeoff’s Mom Sues Houston Venue Where Rapper Was Shot and Killed

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about seven months later Friends rappers Subtract it was shot dead At a bowling alley in Houston, her mother, Titania Davenport, filed a negligence lawsuit against the alley.

Takeoff (real name: Kirsnick Khari Ball) was killed after being hit multiple times at a late night event in downtown Houston on November 1. Harris County Police said at a press conference that Takeoff had an “innocent bystander” in the controversy that led to his death, and now his family blames the venue for failing to provide adequate security that night.

On June 7, Davenport filed a lawsuit against the owners of 810 Billiards & Bowling in Texas district court, stating to the defendants that the incident required extra security and would attract a large crowd, mostly celebrities. They also claim that the venue “provides no screening mechanisms, after-hours checks or security measures to identify crimes against guests, and that no rules or industry standards are enforced. [Takeoff]”

The lawsuit continues, “Defendants knew or should have known that a significant number of violent crimes were committed in and around the building in question, but negligently failed to protect the guests, such as: [Takeoff] from the risks of violent crime. Also, in addition to previous offenses, the Defendants have neglected necessary and unique measures due to the specific event and participants. Specifically, the Defendants knew that, depending on the nature of the party, celebrities were more likely to not attend and would potentially be the target of crime. Defendants negligently represented that appropriate security would be available when in reality there was none; which caused many to come to the event carefree.”

Takeoff’s mother, who also manages her son’s estate, is seeking more than $1 million in financial aid and a trial by jury for damages, including personal injury, wrongful death, funeral expenses and mental anguish.

In late May, 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Clark, accused of committing the crime, was arrested. designated for murder By a Harris County grand jury after his arrest in Houston last december.

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