Taylor Swift and Ice Spice Double Up on ‘Karma’; We Can Now Hear Lana!

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Taylor Swift It lived up to its self-proclaimed “Brain” status with the release of new versions of the two “Midnights” songs on Thursday night/Friday morning. In one where he spiced up “Karma” with a brand new line from arguably the hottest rapper of the moment, Ice Spice. In the other, clearly subtitled “(More Highlights of Lana Del Rey)”, Swift puts the auditory spotlight on guest artist Lana Del Rey, who was previously unheard on the track.

Ice Spice makes a few exclamations here and there in Swift’s line in “Karma” – a positive “Facts!” After Swift sings “Karma takes all my friends to the top” – and she also gets the first and last words from this remix (“Karma is like that girl” and “Karma is going to pull you down”). For the most part, though, it provided an entirely new second line with the lyrics: “Karma is your bouncing checks / Karma is the fire in your house / And it’s about to pop up unnoticed.”

It’s hard to get ahead of the two for a dynamic duo in May 2023, but “Midnights” fans will get the same attention as “Snow on the Beach (More Lana Del Rey Versions)” aired simultaneously. An ultimate example of fan service… or truly outstanding customer support? Fans complained that they couldn’t hear Del Rey’s voice in the original “Snow,” despite the prominent billing of the star who co-wrote with Swift. It wasn’t just a question of grooving in the sound – perhaps Del Rey’s recording was never really on tape, given the revelation that Del Rey had returned to the studio to cut new vocals for the track.

Now, if anything, Del Rey’s voice might be more pronounced than Swift’s. The balance is, in any case, ear-ticklingly fine-tuned, as at any given point in the song you can predict who will sing alone or louder or in equal balance. If you’re a fan of both artists, obviously a much more satisfying version, what now seemed like a ghostly trait has finally manifested in the body.

These are two of the three tracks that were added to “Midnights (3 am Edition)” and turned it into “Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)” – yes, this is the deluxe version of a deluxe edition, currently coming in 23 tracks.

The third patch isn’t new to many Swift fans: It’s “Hits Different,” an exclusive bonus track previously on the Target-exclusive “Midnights” CD. This marks the first release to DSPs.

The biggest revelation yet came on Friday when Swift’s “Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)” released a physical version of a previously unreleased or even unknown song in any form: “You’re Losing Me.” Swift from Big Machine Publishing It’s the first time someone adds what he calls a “Vault Track” to an album that hasn’t been re-recorded. Given fans’ interest in his changing personal status in recent months, the title makes sure that lyrics will be searched quickly for clues as to why his longtime relationship with Joe Alwyn ended, but Yet it may well be one of the biggest red herrings of the year.

The bad news for fans not yet in or near New Jersey is that this CD version will only be available at product stands for East Rutherford stadium shows. That’s what Swift announced on social media, even citing that product’s opening time – 12:30 pm ET – prompting thousands of fans to start arriving at the shows and looking for the end of the morning. There may be plans for further distribution on CD, but if so, Swift has yet to mention it.

The race will inevitably begin to see which fan can buy the CD, return it to the car, and burn it and upload it to the rest of Swift’s waiting public via an access point, with or without officially illegal redistribution.

As for the universally available digital release that doesn’t include “You’re Losing Me”, it’s sure to give “Midnights” a huge listen and sales boost, and the album is already #2 on this week’s chart, a week before any such bonuses are given. known. The reasons for releasing this deluxe-deluxe version depend on only one factor: Morgan wants to prevent Wallen’s “One Thing at a Time” from spending 13th week at #1, which will likely be #1 next week. unless Swift’s unexpected intervention is next. Only one of these two people has property rights over the number 13.

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