Taylor Swift Announces 2024 International Tour Dates

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Taylor Swift 2024 announced international dates for him term tour Tuesday will begin with a four-show series at Tokyo Dome on February 7-10 and continue with concerts at London’s Wembley Stadium on August 16-17.

In addition to England and Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland are also on the agenda for the coming year.

In total, that was 38 overseas dates that Swift announced at Tuesday’s main launch.

“Sorry, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY,” he tweeted. “I look forward to seeing you on The Eras Tour on these new international dates next year! visit http://TaylorSwift.com/eng For more information about your records, pre-sales and post-sales!!”

Swift didn’t reveal who will be opening all the shows, but she did say that Sabrina Carpenter will launch concerts in eight star-marked cities that are newly added to her itinerary. Carpenter’s run on the tour spans from February 16 in Melbourne, Australia, to March 4 in Singapore, with openings for other parts of the tour likely to be announced in the coming months.

This broad expansion outside the US combines a dozen dates for this fall, which Swift recently announced on August 24 for Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. 26 time zones. Carpenter opens all of those shows.

Moving abroad next year, London will host four Wembley shows in two parts. He first appeared at the stadium for a double show on June 21-22, 2024 and returned on August 16-17 to complete the tour there.

It will also attract a lot of attention in England with its shows in Edinburgh on 7-8 June, Liverpool on 14-15 June and Cardiff on 18 June.

Tokyo and London are the only cities to receive a piece of four shows on the overseas tour – however, expansions can be expected in any locale, as Swifties knows well.

With three shows each, the next closest runners are Sydney and Singapore.

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