Taylor Swift Announces ‘The Albatross’ Edition of ‘Tortured Poets’

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Taylor Swift unveiled yet another special edition of her upcoming album, the “Tortured Poets Department,” this one featuring the bonus track “The Albatross,” during her “Eras Tour” show in Australia on Feb. 22.

Sharing the album art for the special edition on Instagram, Swift revealed an alternate cover — a black and white image of her standing in front of a body of water — with a backside that reads “Am I allowed to cry?” The “Tortured Poets Department” follows 2022’s “Midnights” and is set to arrive on April 19. 

This “Albatross” edition is the third version of “Tortured Poets” Swift has set so far. The album was announced first with “The Manuscript,” which she surprisingly revealed at the Grammys, followed by “The Bolter” iteration, which was uncovered during her “Eras” show in Melbourne earlier this month.

Fans at the Sydney concert were also treated to a duet between Swift and Sabrina Carpenter, whose opening set was cut due to weather-related delays. Carpenter told the audience a short anecdote about her covering Swift’s 2008 track “White Horse” — “the first ever song I learned how to play,” she said — before the pair launched into a mashup of the “Evermore” track “Coney Island” and “White Horse.”

The surprises extended beyond the stage and into the audience where Swift’s boyfriend — and Super Bowl champion — Travis Kelce was spotted in the crowd along with Rita Ora and Katy Perry, who shared a carousel from her time at Swift’s show on Instagram. Most notably, Perry uploaded a clip of her playfully reacting and singing along to Swift’s performance of “Bad Blood.” The nearly decade-old single was rumored to be about Perry and Swift’s fallen friendship but that’s all old news as Perry also shared a photo of her and Swift flashing smiles backstage.

See the official announcement for “The Albatross” edition below.

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