Taylor Swift Fan in Philly Tells Security Guard What Happened

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WITH Taylor Swift He talked about what happened during and after the shootout during “Bad Blood” on a Philadelphia show, whose front-row bigotry caught the constant attention of a security guard—whose response later caught the attention of Swift himself.

Kelly Kelly, a third grade teacher from Baltimore, was attending the show with her sister Kirstin Birmingham and two friends in first row seats in front of the ramp leading to the Lincoln Financial Field audience. Kelly told ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​and the Daily Mail about what happened Saturday night about safety and Swift’s reaction – which led to them getting free tickets to come back for Sunday night’s third and final Philly concert.

“He kept telling me to stop; He kept telling me to calm down and not dance,” Kelly He said about “GMA”. “I think she noticed and yelled at him and told him to leave me alone and that I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Apparently the guard had to be told he was being scolded by ultimate security: the world’s biggest pop star.

“The security guard had no idea what was going on,” said Kelly’s sister, Birmingham, “so I said, ‘Hey, Taylor’s talking to you.’ Then he quickly, I don’t know, left.

“I think that means a lot to everybody else too,” Kelly said. “For example, his fans know he has our back.”

Kelly detailed her experiences. daily mail: “I was just dancing and this security guard was crazy, yelling at us. He didn’t want us to take pictures in front of the stage. He was very strict. … It was like this all night; he was really angry. I know Taylor Swift – she wants people to come to her shows and have fun. I wasn’t doing anything ugly; I wasn’t trying to get to the other side of the barrier. Every time we danced, she would say, ‘You need to step back.

“My sister was screaming, ‘Turn around, Taylor is yelling at you. He didn’t know what was going on.”

Although there have been tweets about alleged security guards beating fans at the barricades – there are some allegations from fans on the other side of the ramp – Kelly said that the guard he came across never touched him or his friends.

This may go down as a mild discussion in the history of conflicts between fans and security at concerts over the years, which has been filled with lawsuits. But it makes headline news when it causes the world’s biggest pop star to deviate from the normal course of the stream, albeit briefly. term tourit’s such a grand stadium trip that it still draws international attention every weekend, almost two months after the trip.

Swift’s role in the Saturday changeover was inevitably recorded in fan video and quickly garnered attention among Swifties, who were watched millions of times by Sunday morning.

Swift was first seen in the middle of “Bad Blood” saying “He’s fine” to security. “He wasn’t doing anything.” The singer then shouts: “Hey! Stop!” And then again, “hey!” in the lyrics, he once again orders safety to “stop” before continuing his singing and choreography.

Swift’s comments went by so quickly that not everyone in the stadium noticed a confrontation—especially the first “Hey!” fits perfectly with the “hey” exclamations of the song being performed.

“GMA” host Lara Spencer said, “It wouldn’t surprise any of us to hear a new song called ‘She Wasn’t Doing Anything (Taylor’s Version)’. He even gave a reprimand that sounds good… That remix sounds.”

Despite Swift spending three nights per booth in a city like Philadelphia (as many as 150,000 tickets are on sale for each of these encounters) and fans posting illegal streams of the show, only demand and resale prices increased each night as the Eras Tour progressed.

A scan of Seat Geek tickets for upcoming shows by a fan on Monday morning showed that for Swift’s upcoming shows, the lowest, door-to-door price for upcoming concerts ranged from $1500 to $2200 per seat in any city. .

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