Taylor Swift Is Not Publishing A Memoir In July Contrary to Rumors


Hello, that’s not the problem – that’s the problem, not that. A yet-to-be-disclosed celebrity is releasing a book in July that the publisher promises will be a blockbuster. However Variation can conclusively state that this mysterious author is not what he said, Taylor Swift.

Based on widespread speculation, the famous person or persons behind the book are instantly making bestseller lists on multiple booksellers. The mystery book in the Flatiron series is now available for pre-order for $45, although it has no known title or author. And as a result of the Swift rumors, what’s officially known simply as “”.4C Untitled Flatiron Non-Fiction Article 2023”, hovering in the top 10 Amazon book sales chartIt goes all the way up to number 2 and sits at number 8 as of this writing. Barnes & Noble’s websiteThe anonymous book currently ranks #1 on that seller’s pre-order chart.

Anyone who pre-orders the untitled title on Amazon believing they are a pop superstar can go ahead and cancel that order now; Swift has no book open, it can be said authoritatively.

Based on some vague disclosures reportedly given to booksellers by the publisher, and – perhaps more importantly – some “clues” that seem to point to Swift, it’s not hard to see why many Swifties conclude that the book belongs to him. An accidental case of misdirection that seems to rival the 1970’s “Paul is dead” rumors.

A document widely circulated on social media and said to come from Flatiron says the title and author will be announced on June 13… 13 is Swift’s often cited lucky number, as any pop culture student knows.

The number of pages in the book is 544… and 5 + 4 + 4 = 13. Easter eggs couldn’t be clearer than that, right?

However, it may be clearer if the actual release date of the book is July 9th… and it is. Anyone who has followed the release news of Swift’s next album, “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”, which will be released on July 7, knows that the social media post announcing the album mentioned that it’s close to July 9 to let fans know. He hadn’t forgotten how important the second date is in Swift knowledge. This calendar date is actually mentioned in the “Speak Now” track “Last Kiss” (although it supposedly refers to a date she flew in to meet a short-lived beau, Joe Jonas, in 2010).

The theory became more tangible in the minds of some fans when the phrase “dear reader” was used in the “Speak Now” announcement, but that’s more obviously not a claim but alluding to the name of a bonus track from his latest album. to upcoming literary writing.

Yet all this is apparently coincidental, for he Negative she’s gearing up to release a memoir and slap in the middle of a national stadium tour at nearly the same time as her next album, which is an extreme exercise in synergy, even for someone like Taylor Swift who is multi-project capable.

So who is the mystery writer? A screenshot of an unverified pitch, which is said to have come out of a sales representative at Edelweiss, says that one million copies will be printed, and that sellers will need to sign a statement before receiving the copies before the sale date. “This isn’t a political book, it’s a fun, celebratory book that will get a little younger, but for people of all ages. This has global appeal and will have a big publicity. I would liken it to Flatiron’s tribute to Matthew Perry and a little bit to Prince Harry’s ‘Substitute’.

If this information is true, it’s hard to think of many celebrities who would justify printing a million copies. Britney Spears’ so-called “tell it all” is a far cry from the “fun, celebratory” book promised in the sales rep’s description, and this book is already reserved for a competing publisher, so it’s out. Speculation in the literary world is rushing towards BTS with a gossip account about a book they claim to have privately confirmed. This is far from certain, publicly, some in the BTS world are saying that there have been no rumors about such a project so far.

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