Taylor Swift Is The Surprise Star In ‘I Can See You’ Video

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Taylor Swift Really It’s back in December when he came to audition for the music video for his newly released song “I Can See You”. The video, released late Friday night, features an ex-boyfriend from many years ago, the “Twilight” star. Taylor Lautnerwith Joey KingPresley Cash and Swift himself.

As the number of simultaneous meta meetings unfolded in multiple surprise live and video, the extra parts of Swifties’ brains needed to do the math right away. King and Cash have their own histories with the star who once starred in the “Mean” video.

All three co-stars appeared on Swift’s show Friday at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, ensuring the live audience got it right as she opened up to the wider world. Despite rumors that Swift is working on something with the three of them, the surprise premiere was the first real confirmation that something was fine between them.

This entire cast is somewhat of a throwback to 2010’s “Speak Now.” Not just “Mean” is featured in “Back to July,” where Swift appears to have apologized musically for the breakup between the two young Tays who went to her. third album. A little less than 24 hours before Swift released the music video and put King, Cash and Lautner on stage, they released the “Taylor’s Version” re-recording of the album in question.

Swift told the Kansas City crowd about Lautner, “He was such a positive force in my life when I was making ‘Speak Now’, and I just want to say that he did every stunt you saw in that music video. He and his wife have become one of my closest friends, which is very fitting because we all have the same name.” (Lautner’s wife is Taylor Dome; the two got married last year.)

In front of the stadium audience, Lautner told Swift: “I have so much respect for you. Not just because you’re a singer, songwriter, performer, but because you’re truly human. You’re elegant, humble, kind, and I’m honored to know you.”

So that the audience wouldn’t witness the reunion of the cast live, Swift told fans on social media what had happened.

“WELL. SO,” the singer wrote, pressing the caps bar. “I’ve been counting down the months and finally the video ‘I Can See You’ is out. I wrote this video review over a year ago and it’s symbolic of how it feels for me to have my fans help me get my music back. I wanted to portray it as Joey King, Taylor Lautner and Presley Cash. Joey and Presley were in the ‘Mean’ music video when they were 9 and 13 and they’re back and they’re ridiculously bad!! Taytay (Lautner) is AMAZING about it (she didn’t have a stunt double!) and she yells at Tay Lautner (his wife) for being too great to hang out on set.

“I’ve always wanted to direct fight scenes/a heist story,” he added, “and I had an incredible time planning this with my amazing cinematographer, Jonathan Sela. I’m proud of that.” Swift wrote and directed the video, as she owns all of her clips since her 2019 album “Lover”.

Swift had reason to point out that the action sequences in Lautner’s “I Can See You” video were not the product of cheating, as the script made significant use of her martial arts skills. The plot of the video has little to do with the story of the song, which seems to describe an office crush. In the clip, King, Cash and Lautner are a “Mission Impossible” type team who enter a heavily fortified vault and encounter defenders to rescue Swift, who is locked inside with her new album’s framed cover art. . . The turmoil seems to serve as a metaphor for Swift and her art being rescued from the old record label Big Machine, the sale of their master record, which has been the impetus for the ongoing series of re-records.

After the concert, Lautner took to his Instagram account to post a photo of himself, his wife, and Swift – the three Taylors – pointing at each other in a parody of the three Spider-Man memes on the set of the music video. she does the same. “Tonight was wild,” she added as a caption.

Swift had warned the Kansas City crowd that he had done some “cheating” for the show, which he billed as the “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” broadcast party. Beyond the video premiere, there was also the long-awaited expansion of the “Speak Now” episode. term tour to arrange. Joining “Enchanted” for the first time on the set list was “Long Live”, which is closer to the original “Speak Now” album, probably as a basis for the future.

Swift also split the “surprise songs” acoustic portion of the Kansas City opening date into two “Speak Now” songs; one from the original album and one from the newly recorded Vault Tracks. It was “Never Grow Up” that represented the original series as a wildcard; One of the new bonus tracks was “When Emma Falls in Love”. If he sticks to his form on the tour, neither of these two songs will appear again for the rest of the US tour. Of course, there are more than a dozen “Speak Now”-based tracks that can be showcased among the surprise song segments in progress.

Among the six tracks that were released late Thursday night – all said to have been written solo by Swift when he was between 18 and 20, like the original album tracks – stood out immediately was “I Can See You,” co-produced by Jack Antonoff. Biggest hit of the group. It would have been a strong choice for a radio single if Swift’s two singles hadn’t hit the stations at the same time: “Karma” from last fall’s “Midnights” and “Cruel Summer” from the 2019 “Lover” album. It’s pushing the airwaves due to continued fan enthusiasm.

Few stars have ever enjoyed such an embarrassment of multi-album, multi-single, multi-video richness. (Swift also used a recent gig to reveal Ice Spice for the surprise premiere of their “Karma” remix video.) “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” is a lock to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200. The album “Midnights” continues to be one of the constant fixtures of the top 10.

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