Taylor Swift Releases ‘Karma’ Video After Ice Spice, NJ Stadium Premiere

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Taylor Swift and/or Ice Spice Fans in New Jersey were probably feeling like they had amassed a good mix of their own—at least those who had to go through tough exams to get tickets for Friday’s MetLife Stadium show—who suddenly gave the dynamic duo audience two doses of “Karma” toward the end of Swift’s long set.

One was in the form of a premiere of the song’s video, which soon went viral, bowing across various platforms at midnight ET. The other was the duet’s first live performance, as the remix’s featured rapper took the stage to join the lead in “Karma,” which has ended Swift’s concerts every night since 2010. term tour started in April.

The music video for the collaboration, which was heavily teased but unannounced by Swift until it went official with the MetLife Stadium crowd on Friday night, is full of digital effects and features multiple cosmic or celestial imagery. A sort of hellscape is inverted to reveal that Swift is a funny Pollyanna type. Eventually, a forested mountain landscape reveals Swift to be a prone, green giant, while Ice Spice is now on either side of a celestial cloud formation.

On stage in East Rutherford, Swift gave a short talk about hanging out with the hot newcomer before the video’s public premiere. (Watch the teaser along with the music video itself, below.)

“At the beginning of the year, while we were still training for this tour… Ice Spice reached out to me.” “He sent a note: ‘If you want to do a collaboration, I’d be happy to do it.’ What he didn’t know at the time is that while I was broadcasting for the tour, I was listening to his music almost exclusively… Thanks to him, I was going on tour and I was like, ‘Absolutely, when can you do it?’ … And when we entered the studio, I decided not only did I fall in love with him, I decided that he was the whole future … I’ve been around a lot of new artists but I’ve never been around someone so prepared and curious and focused on what they want.

As for the more recently watched and kept secret video, under a cloud of supposedly unthinkable NDAs, Swift took the audience to premiere status. “I’ve never done this before but for a few minutes I was hoping we could turn this stadium show into a world premiere… Ah, it’s such a big screen; We could watch right there. This isn’t like a movie premiere where you have to be quiet. I want you to always feel your emotions.

Audio release of “Karma” remix for 24 hours following the worldwide music video release. It is included in two new deluxe editions of the “Midnights” album. One is “Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)”, a digital release that comes out at midnight on Thursday night. The other is “Midnights (The Late Night Edition)”, which was released as a CD for the merchandise stands at the MetLife Stadium on Friday afternoon and then released as a 24-hour CD, which is almost the same version except for one crucial track disabled. -Digital-only version on Swift’s webshop as of Friday night.

Both new deluxe versions of “Midnight” feature the original album and bonus tracks “3 am” from last fall, an Ice Spice remix of “Karma” and a Updated version of “Snow on the Beach” this is distinguished by “more Lana Del Rey” than the original. The difference is that the more widely available “Til Dawn” includes a digital release of “Hits Different”, a song previously only available on the Target exclusive “Midnights” CD. Meanwhile, the “Late Night” edition includes: “You’re Losing Me” An unheard of “Vault Track” that set the Swift world on fire when it came out Friday afternoon.

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