Taylor Swift Review: You Were New Jersey Show Continues With Ice Spice

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Taylor Swift is such a force that she created a sensation as soon as her post-quarantine “Eras Tour” tickets went on sale. Despite Swift playing the biggest venues possible for several days in each city, the wild demand helped make every stop national news, especially since they were documented in real time on social media. Live streams dominate TikTok, “I can’t believe I got tickets” posts are taking the top spot on Instagram, and the media loop is analyzing every change in Swift’s set list, as well as the celebrity friends who have joined.

Beyond the circle, Swift’s May 26 show in NYC at MetLife Stadium was a dazzling display of an artist at the peak of his powers, whose success was able to rise above its predetermined peaks. When Swift recorded her voice-changing trilogy of “Folklore”, “Evermore” and “Midnights”, she paved the way for her “Eras Tour” through a highly productive quarantine. These recordings added to their appeal and gained new fans, but audiences wondered how he was able to properly tour the trio and their previous album “Lover”, whose tour was canceled due to COVID-19.

Thus was born “Eras,” a tour that blew up the set charts in its catalog, offering fans more than 40 songs on every show. The three-and-a-half-hour plus NYC stop was nothing if not impressive, a clear message that Swift loves both her fans and material.

Between the upsetting mid-run and the ubiquity of social media, fans were hot from the start, and they gave their first collective roar while playing Lady Gaga’s “Applause” in PA because they knew it was the last song heard before Swift. takes the stage. From there, there was a constant screaming, shouting, and singing that lasted all night, a level of admiration few artists could handle.

Starting on set with a few more in-depth cuts from her “In Love” era, Swift’s stage show is so complex that it raises more questions than answers: How can she memorize so much choreography? What tea does she drink to keep her voice down? How does he change clothes so quickly?

The genesis of these shows came from what Swift describes at one point during the concert as the process of designing the tour, from conceptual sketches to the finished product. From the cozy lodge of “Folklore” to the sparkling, punchy anthems of “Red” to the cool blues and purples that set the tone for “Midnights,” every episode was a no-cost trip into Taylor’s mind. “” part.

While the set list remained largely the same throughout the tour, Swift cleverly cooks up two surprise acoustic songs deep on set, and on her first New Jersey show she pulled out her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff for “Reputation” fan commentary. He switched to piano for his favorite “Getaway Car” and then “Midnights” deep cut “Maroon”.

Still, the biggest surprise of the night had to do with hot Bronx rapper Ice Spice, who earlier in the day collaborated with Swift on the “Karma” remix. Before the surprise acoustic songs, Swift World premiered the remix video with many of their dancers featured in it. Swift also expressed her appreciation for the rapper, saying that she “almost just listened” as she prepared for the tour. [Ice Spice’s] music all day, every day.”

For the final song of the night, a big roar came again when some fans started walking towards the exits to beat the traffic, and the rapper stopped by to remix with Taylor, creating a last-minute viral moment.

With the audience still captivated by Swift after the lights were up, it’s hard to imagine what more you could ask of a touring artist in 2023. The marathon running sounded great, packed with both Swift’s huge, memorable hits and deeper cuts. Cheerful choreography and sharp musicianship and the audience headed to their cars to queue up their favorite eras on Spotify. An exciting culmination of his art, vision and hard work for a perfectionist like Swift.

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